California Legislature Moves to Keep Trump OFF 2020 Ballot

The California state legislature seems to spend more time and money waging a dirty war against President Donald Trump than it does taking care of its own citizens.

In the latest attempt to undermine the man that roughly 8 million Californians voted against, a bill has successfully made it out of the State Assembly and is headed to Governor Moonbeam’s desk waiting for his John Hancock.

The Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act will make it a law that any presidential candidate will have to produce five years of tax returns if they want to get onto the ballot in the Golden State.

It may have as well have been called the BAN TRUMP ACT if the weasels in the state government were honest about their intentions.

Via The Hill “California legislature passes bill requiring presidential candidates to release tax returns”:

The California State Assembly on Thursday passed a bill that would require all presidential candidates to release their tax returns prior to being placed on the state’s ballot.

The bill, called the Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act, passed the state Assembly on a 42-18 vote and will now head to the state Senate for a concurrence vote before being sent to the governor for his signature.

“President Trump’s blatant disregard for the tradition of releasing tax returns is dangerous to our democracy,” state Sen. Mike McGuire (D), one of the authors of the bill, said in a statement. “For decades, every President has put their personal beliefs aside and put our country first and released their returns. “

“SB 149 helps to reestablish desperately needed transparency in the White House, and we are looking forward to seeing the Governor’s signature on the bill.”

The bill would require all presidential candidates to release the last five years of their tax returns in order to appear on the California ballot.

The tax returns would be made available to the public on the California Secretary of State’s website.

State Sen. Scott Wiener (D), another author of the bill, said the bill is about “giving the American people the honesty and transparency they deserve.”

Senator Wiener can thump his chest and liberals can sing Woody Guthrie songs until the cows come home but when you really think about it, this is merely a symbolic gesture because Trump will never win in California come 2020 anyway.

In a way, it actually helps Trump because if he chooses to not release his tax returns and is barred from the ballot, he won’t have to spend a nickel campaigning there nor waste one minute of his time.

Poor, perpetually perturbed HillaryLand. If at first, you don’t’ succeed, just change the rules.

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  1. How many ways does this violate Individual Rights?! Yeah, this is going to the Supreme Court. Wouldn’t it be astonishing if Trump won CA as a write-in candidate?

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