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And The Winner By Default: Donald Trump

American citizens who in the past have traditionally voted Democrat helped elect Donald Trump to the presidency in 2016, and now these former Democrat voters hate the Democrat party and its politicians for being such hard-core, violent, unconstitutional, leftists.

Republicans who voted their party into the majority in the national legislature and who voted for Trump to be president, now hate the Republican legislature for not helping Trump implement his policies as he promised to do.

So when Democrats get mad at their party officials and Republicans get mad at their legislators for turning their backs on President Trump, who is the winner?

Donald J. Trump is the easy winner!.

This is a turn of events that was totally unforeseen last November, and we see the game being played out in completely nontraditional twists and turns.

Non-political people of all stripes trust Donald Trump to do the right thing because he’s honest, he speaks his mind and is not part of the much distrusted D.C. establishment, and because of his non-political background and his business success.

The American people know they have a president they can depend on to move the nation forward and not stick us with more of the big government crap that Barack Obama shoved down our throats and that Hillary Clinton would have crammed even harder down the national gullet if she had been elected.

And as far as the Democrat circus act of Chuck and Nancy, no one trusts these fool talking heads and everyone knows that Trump can be trusted to give them just so much leeway to push their leftist, failed ideas on the nation before he pulls them up short and casts them aside when he’s through using them and the legislative votes they can bring to the fore.

Go, Donald!

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. You’re on to something, Dave, that I wish more were……Faith/Trust do not have to be seen, just believed. Far too many thought he could perform miracles and wave a magic wand…..If someone needs to play the ‘blame game’ they need to look no further than to a feckless Congress. AND for goodness sake!!!READ PAST THE HEADLINES !!!Get the whole story before complaining…..The Dealer never should reveal his cards first.

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