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Trump Working Remotely While White House Renovated

white house renovation

Recently the mainstream media quoted Trump as saying “the White House was a dump.” Trump denied the report, calling it fake news in a tweet and adding that he loves the White House. Perhaps trump was right after Obama and his minions left it. It seemed to be a tradition for liberal administrations to trash the white house upon leaving. The Clinton administration did it before George Bush came in and said they were told it was a tradition to trash the white house upon leaving. They took the letter ‘w’ off every keyboard and pasted them on the walls, they over turned chairs and desks and made other assorted messes. Perhaps it was no different when the Obamas left the White House.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama openly shared her disdain for life inside the White House. She even went so far as to demean it as a house “built by slaves” and that residing there was like “living in a cave.”

Perhaps that has something to do with the fact the People’s House is now literally crumbling in disrepair.

Besides the replacement of the West Wing’s heating and cooling system, repairs are also to be made to the steps on the South Portico, the side of the White House facing the National Mall. Cosmetic upgrades, including interior painting, replacing carpeting and curtains and fixing water leaks in the press office ceiling, are also on the maintenance list. Repairmen and others are expected to work around the clock during the coming weeks to complete all the upgrades by Aug. 21.

August 21st is when POTUS Trump is due to return from a temporary relocation to his sprawling central New Jersey property where he will be engaged in a working vacation during the required White House repairs.

CNN’s Betsy Klein also posted an image of an empty wall inside the presidential building, explaining, “Everything in the West Wing is moving into storage while HVAC work is completed — these walls, usually filled with photos, are totally bare.”

Naturally, the Destroy trump media is criticizing Trump saying he is taking a three-week vacation after he once said he was against vacations and never took them himself. Actually, I heard about this before he ever got into office. They knew it had to be done and were considering doing it last year, but Obama asked them to hold off until he was out of office. These renovations, which had been planned out during the Obama era, will reportedly include an overhaul of the 27-year-old heating and cooling system, Oval Office and West Wing refurbishments and ceiling repairs, among other projects.

While some in the media might be calling this a vacation, there’s another pressing issue. Since the heating and cooling system in the West Wing is also being replaced,  everyone who works there will need to leave by the end of the week, according to a report in The Associated Press. It would seem Mr. Trump is literally having to fix the mess the Obamas left behind.

The fake news is at its’ best these days. Most of us move to a temporary location when our homes have a major renovation that needs to be done. It just makes good sense.

I’d say this President, attacked and beleaguered like no other POTUS in history, could use a vacation and time away from the evils of the D.C. swamp. Our country should be ashamed for the way it has treated this man who loves America, its people, and our military. But knowing him, he will not be kicking back and indulging himself in pleasurable activities as his predecessor did on so many vacations at our expense. Trump will still be on the job, as he always is.

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  1. Since Trump insulted and ticked off the heads of the FBI, CIA and NSA, they’ll be making darn sure some of the “contractors” working on the re-wiring portion of the WH reno, will be installing new hi-tech, totally undetectable audio and video recording devices wherever they possibly can. If Trump and crew have any smarts at all, they better watch what they say and do in the WH when they return from vacation.

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