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Trump’s communication struggles don’t matter to working Americans

President Donald Trump has struggled to communicate his disdain for racism, fascism and whatever other -ism the political elite would like him to admonish, but this social justice warfare does not matter to working families.  Apparently, only Trump appears to understand that.

While the president trips over his own desire to “tell it like it is,” the left is going bonkers berating him for failing to acknowledge the phallic symbols of their religion (race, open borders, sexism, etc)  The rest of America who is just trying to pay the bills and keep the kids fed could not care less.

Trump’s infrastructure message, which showed his effort to reduce project approval times by as much as 80%, went largely ignored by the media – but not by those of us who want working roads, good jobs, and a hot economy. Instead, the media focused on his delay in saying certain things by two .. whole .. days.

Democrats have no chance to win the mid term elections and certainly not 2020. They are so focused on protecting Antifa and BLM while ignoring the wishes of working families in America.

While Trump’s Tuesday presser went horribly wrong, only the political elite, the media, and the far left made it important. Middle America went back to work.

Trump’s comments weren’t perfect and may or may not have decried certain clubs, groups or factions to the liking of the press, Trump did admonish hate, violence, and racism. Why wasn’t that enough? It certainly was just what was needed for those of us who work every day, put food on the table and vote.

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Rich Mitchell

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