Is The Trump Collusion Lie Just A Democrat Diversion To Hide More Serious Things?

Is the Trump/Russia collusion lie itself a cover-up and a diversionary effort to prevent discovering the dealings, corruption and the parties that were the reason why Hillary lost the presidential election to Trump?

It’s certainly allowed the Special prosecutor to dig into Trump’s personal and business life, places far from the lie of Russian collusion that was the alleged reason for the investigation in the first place, and unrelated to the last election and any lapses in behavior that may have occurred there. But since the political left wants to cast Trump from office anyway, the appointing of the special prosecutor under false premises was a good way for the Democrats to get at Trump and gather testimony and data that can harm him, while being able, with the hate-Trump media’s anxious assistance, to prevent any investigation into the forces that really caused Hillary’s defeat.

The United States is looking more like a banana republic all the time with the media producing no news that’s not false news, the press being constitutionally protected for spiking the news that the public needs to hear, and the disregard the press has for a duly elected president who is sincere about returning the U.S. to its former greatness but is blindly opposed by the ruling-class rubble at CNN and The New York Times who insist on his personal and political destruction.

The United States is prospering under the Trump administration, but if the Democrats and leftist media are successful in ending the Trump presidency prematurely, the future for our constitutional freedoms and for our continued prosperity look bleakly dim.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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