Trouble in Paradise: Bernie-Bots Not Warming to Kamala Harris as Future of Democratic Party

There are two established facts now that the battle royale of the 2016 election is nearly nine months in the past.

One is that the Democrats have learned nothing about why they lost and are getting ready to double down on identity politics by prepping Kamala Harris for the big time.

Two is that Crazy Bernie Sanders is not going away as he is reportedly being urged to undertake a barnstorming tour to appeal to black voters in the south.

Considering that Harris herself is black, she will likely see Sanders as poaching her voters who need to remain imprisoned within the gates of the Democrat plantation.

That means that barring something unexpected like a Sanders indictment or death (he IS old) the Democrats will have another faction fight come 2020 much like the one what occurred between the Bernie-bots and Clinton cultists.

The rapid ascension of Ms. Harris already has some sensing that yet another election day dumpster fire may be in the future for Democrats.

Via The Washington Examiner “Kamala Harris is already deepening divisions in the Democratic Party”:

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., is an interesting figure in that conservatives see her as a radical and liberals are increasingly questioning whether her progressive bonafides are even legitimate.

That intraparty debate, which surfaced this week after a Mic article highlighted Harris’ so-called “Bernieland problem,” was inevitable. Back on July 21, I predicted the freshman senator’s upcoming trip to schmooze with corporate titans in the Hamptons was an early sign she’s more Hillary than Bernie, making Harris also more likely to exacerbate the party’s divisions than heal them.

That’s already playing out. Progressive movement leader and staunch Bernie Sanders backer Nomiki Konst responded to Mic’s questions about Harris by saying, “The Democrats will not win until they address income inequality, no matter how they dress up their next candidate … If that candidate is in bed with Wall Street, you may as well lay a tombstone out for the Democratic Party now. Voters are smart; they can follow the money.”

People for Bernie co-founder Winnie Wong went further, contending, “She is the preferred candidate of extremely wealthy and out-of-touch Democratic party donors…Her recent anointing is extremely telling. These donors will line her coffers ahead of 2020 and she will have the next two years to craft a message of broad appeal to a rapidly changing electorate.”

Sanders has been relentless ever since he had such success in the Democratic party primaries that the DNC had to work to cheat him out of the nomination in order to temporarily save Hillary.

He is a man with a mission and that mission is to bring a diluted form of communism to the United States, a form of government that is preferred by the freeloaders that he continues to attract.

Look for the Democrat establishment to not make the same mistake again by underestimating Sanders, it is probably only a matter of time until he too will end up trapped in the vast Russian conspiracy spider web spun by pro-Clinton forces.

Perhaps his name is already on Robert Mueller’s hit list.

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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  1. None candidate apeals to me. Both are socialists just trying to get my hard-working money. I will stick to Mr. Trump. He is doing a very good job, trying to create wealth , not divide it.

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