President Trump Participates in a Tax Reform Kickoff Event [Live Stream]

President Donald Trump visits Springfield, Missouri to kick off his tax reform initiative. The idea of simplifying the American tax code is wildly popular with voters from both political parties and failure to pass any meaningful reform will likely lead to a backlash against Democrat and Republican incumbents in Congress in the 2018 mid-term election. Ryan, Pelosi, McConnell, and Schumer might want to pay attention to this afternoon’s speech.

The event is scheduled to begin at 1:30 pm CDT.

Tea Party Rally Washington DC

The president will deliver the kickoff speech from the Loren Cook Company, one of Springfield’s largest manufacturers. It designs and manufactures fans, blowers, gravity vents, and laboratory exhaust systems.

Contact your Representative in the House and Senators to let them know that you expect them to make your taxes simpler NOW.

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One Comment

  1. You can be sure that the MSM and Democrats will bury or bad mouth any positive ideas on tax reform or reduction…..Many are complaining he didn’t give any details while others insist what he said gives a break only to the rich…yes, that old scratched record….It is true that he gave generalities and very little detail, after all, the ‘detailed’ bill isn’t yet complete…..
    While the percentage of reduction is directed to large corporations, those “middle class’ like us will PROFIT. WE WILL HAVE MORE MONEY TO SPEND…..more deductions, more jobs…..Once the actual ‘Bill’ is written and ready for vote, it will be online for you to see yourself and decide. In the interim, EACH of us is RESPONSIBLE to follow our representative closely and to let them know your thoughts. They are there to work for us and like any employer, we have to let them know what the duties are.

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