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Obama’s Radicalism Compared With Trump’s Main-Stream Common Sense

Former President Barack Obama pushed for the “fundamental transformation of America” (FTA), while President Donald Trump is working to “Make America Great Again” (MAGA). Noting their different central motivations, I offer the following observations:

Obama swore at his presidential acceptance speech that he would Fundamentally Transform America and the liberal press swooned exclaiming that this evil, racist, sexist, capitalist nation was going to finally get its due.

But when Donald Trump promised to Make America Great Again and then quickly, after taking office, established policies to make good on that promise, the liberal press lost its cookies and screamed as though the sky were falling.

The liberal press loved Obama knowing that he would make the radical changes they desired. They agreed with those radical, liberal policies that caused people to lose their own health care coverage and hurt small business owners who had spent years establishing businesses and abiding with ever-encroaching environmental regulations and tax laws that kept changing the way they did business, thereby placing their businesses at risk. Liberals seem to forget that hurting small businesses only assures that the large companies that liberals pretend to hate, with teams of tax specialists and offices full of high-priced lawyers, would be more prosperous and successful as their smaller competitors flailed and went out of business. Disregard for small businesses places the hourly and salaried workers employed by those smaller companies at risk of losing their jobs if the company suffers financial setbacks.

Liberals panic and go ballistic when Trump wants to keep illegal aliens out of the country and wants to assure employment to low-wage workers by opposing minimum wage laws, and when he puts a halt to the bilking of the American tax payer via Climate Change agreements with the scoundrels at the United Nations.

The problem is that the left lacks the ability to evaluate which policies are good or bad for the country. And the only judgment they make on competing policies is based on whether a Democrat or a Republican makes the decision to implement the policy. That partisan frame of mind is dangerous for the nation. Neither party has a monopoly on what policies are right or wrong. It takes time and critical thinking to serve the nation well and the ability to weigh all sides of an issue is foreign to progressives.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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