Identity theft exists. Voter fraud does not?

Voter fraud does not exist – or so the media tells us. Boston, in my home state of Massachusetts, is known for its fresh fish, history, great food, and a very active underworld. The employees of the Registry of Motor Vehicles, known as the RMV (the equivalent to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in other states) has found a way to make a little extra spending cash.

Six employees of the RMV were caught stealing identities and creating driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. That’s a constitutional legal term, not mine, so don’t get mad at me for using it. These employees were arrested and charged with aggravated identity theft.

It wasn’t a complicated process to get an illegal driver’s license. The illegal alien gave a front man some cash and an appointment was made to get a license. The clerk, who was in on it, “checked” their paperwork and made sure they got a license – valid or otherwise.

Think about it like an official “fast food crime to go” mob-type setup. Now that you have an official STATE issued ID, you can register to vote, get food stamps, cash checks, and so much more.

To add insult to injury it wasn’t the police who found it. Not the State Police, though I can’t imagine they didn’t ever pull over someone with an illegal ID and question them. Not the Registry Police (yup, they have their own!) Not the Metropolitan Police. Yup, another protective service. No, it was someone from within the RMV. A real whistleblower. Unlike those treasonous people in communications at the White House.

The whistleblower brought this to their attention in October 2015… TWO YEARS AGO!

An anonymous letter sent to the Massachusetts State Police in October 2015 stated that there were corrupt employees at the RMV. It detailed that they were supplying stolen identifications and driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. WHY did it take so long to investigate?

Massachusetts is very sympathetic to the illegal immigrant population and would be among the first to sign up for Illegal City status. Sorry, I meant to say, Sanctuary City status.

The question is, how long BEFORE the 2015 letter had this been happening? And how many were issued?

It’s funny how no one disputes that identity theft happens. But many deny that voter fraud happens. Why? If someone would steal a person’s identity, what would keep them from illegally voting to support those who favor Sanctuary Cities and keeping illegals in the country?

Read the rest at: Voter Fraud Doesn’t exist ?

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Joe Messina

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  1. Most countries in the world have instituted voter ID. Dems have staunchly been opposed to voter ID for different reasons.. Yet, it is one of the best ways, now, of preventing it! WHY? ….we all know the reason why!

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