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Fox News Host Eric Bolling Fighting to Clear His Name

Eric Bolling Fox News SpecialistsFox News Host Eric Bolling was suspended by the network after allegations of lewd behavior were leveled against him.

*Update: Eric Bolling lost his career at Fox and his only child on the same day

Bolling, host of “Fox News Specialists,” was suspended Saturday after he was accused of having sent pictures years ago of male genitalia to at least three female co-workers.

“Eric Bolling has been suspended pending the results of an investigation, which is currently underway,” Fox said in a statement.

A report states that two women at Fox Business and one at Fox News received the images in text messages from Bolling. It is unclear why an alleged incident from years ago is only now coming to light.

Eric Bolling and Adrienne Bolling
Eric Bolling and Adrienne Bolling married since 1997

The investigation will be carried out by Paul, Weiss, the same outside counsel that handled the ousting of former host Bill O’Reilly, and Roger Ailes after unproven allegations of sexual harassment ended their careers at Fox News.

Bolling has hired his own counsel and is fighting the so-far unsubstantiated allegations vigorously.

Bolling’s attorney, Michael J. Bowe, said, “Mr. Bolling recalls no such inappropriate communications, does not believe he sent any such communications, and will vigorously pursue his legal remedies for any false and defamatory accusations that are made.”

Claims of sexual impropriety were also leveled at Fox News host Sean Hannity which he vehemently denied and successfully defended himself against.

Harassment allegations have been levied against the most Conservative and popular voices on the network just as liberal ideologues Lachlan Murdoch and James Murdoch seek to rebalance the network further to the left.

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  1. I think this is a concentrated Soros backed effort to get rid of FOX News or any conservative on there.Notice the excuse is all the same. Women from years ago suddenly come out,but no names given.They did it with O’Reilly and Charles Payne and tried it with Sean.It’s always the same story. Eric is a married man with children.He’d be taking a big chance with his career doing that.

  2. Here we go again , Eric Bolling is very vocal about his ” support ” for President Trump and his new
    book out ” Drain The Swamp ” , Sounds a little fishy to me , Right Now !!

    He has been around for a while but now all of a sudden he’s reported showing his tally wacker , give
    me a break.

    The left will try anything…………. time to turn the screws in on this BS , clear your name then go
    after those that drum this up , hit them in the wallet !!!

    1. I agree. Let those making the allegations prove them. If they can’t prove what they are claiming to be true, sue them into oblivion.

  3. Seems a shade strange that the women at FOX are willing to ‘reveal’ more, perch on a stool, sit on a couch with legs crossed & skirts that stop just short of revealing the color of panties would be would be surprised at any for of sexual expression. (Most are gorgeous) And all; accomplished….Bashful, shy, embaressesed. afraid to report it for a year or more? NOT

    Eric, on the other hand, just happened to publish a book , a best seller that ‘hurt the feelings’ and installed some fear in liberals…

    At this rate, the “Brothers Murdoch” will soon have themselves a CNN or MSNBC. How proud daddy must be.

    O’Brian that died this week was one that brought Hannity on board….so good bet he is still a target.

    1. If I were him, I would say, I think they sent me lewd emails…maybe they remembered it incorrectly? If he did not do this, he should give it right back to them. If they got this stuff, where is it, and how did they respond? Or, was it a bad joke, forwarded, without realizing that someone would use it against,him years latet? Too much doubt to even consider seriously, but that is the leftist agenda today.

  4. I’ve stooped watching FOXNEWS …..and I ended up feeling much better and more optimistic about the country and it’s direction.
    ( I don’t watch any television news programming atm. Far far too stressful and depressing)

    1. And are you encouraged by the other news outlets? They do nothing but report controversies that they have actually started themselves!

  5. I believe that the left/liberals are as shameful and petty as they come…..they will say and do anything to destroy Trump and his administration… is time that the Republicans in the Congress get off their high and mighty duffs and rally around our President….if you don’t you will certainly feel it at the polls next year….

  6. If we could just talk only one liberal into jumping off a cliff the rest would be sure to follow!

  7. I can’t imagine why Mr Bolling should feel the need to send these images to anyone, his family and faith are very important to him. WAIT. could this be RACISM or maybe JEALOUSY???? OH NO, the dems are the only ones allowed to accuse the intelligent ones!!!!

  8. I don’t believe this for one second. Praying for Eric and all the conservatives that are coming under attack. May God bless and protect them from these evil attacks.

  9. Good luck Eric fighting this. I don’t believe the charges. I hope the “uppers ” at Fox realize their Dad and Ailes built a successful news company with a conservative bent that has blown away the competition. If Fox leaves off being a sane voice in an insane world it will be a shame, but someone will step in and fill the void.
    Many years ago I got cable just to get Fox News.
    I do believe this is a concerted effort from the left. Those evil “Soros” people and their ilk are reprehensible.

  10. Just one more ousting of a conservative. As these things go”well years ago he did this or years ago he said that. What a load of crap. Fox will go down the drain and quickly if you keep getting rid of all conservatives. Why not get rid of the real drags on the network starting with Shepherd.,,,so sick of his crap.

    1. I so agree and please keep Eric Bolling on as host of the Fox Specialists ! If anything get rid of the arrogant Eboni Williams and the ‘spacey’ Kat! The show is going down the tubes!! Can’t stand to watch it anymore. I had no idea that the Murdock family was liberal ideologues, too bad as we need a conservative voice on TV for a change!
      Betty J

  11. I don’t believe the allegations. They’re targeting the wrong man. Hope you can clear your name quickly, Eric. Then go after the people that accused you.

  12. What a shame! Eric, my family are praying for you. You will come through this. I don’t agree with retaliation however. Let the viewers take care of that for you. We will be behind you and guess what? The ladies who are accusing you, will get theirs in the end. I also feel that the brothers Murdock have forgotten what their father built. There are too many liberal channels. What we need is a conservative outlet for real news. I believe in balance, however, so keep Sheppard Smith. We don’t have to watch if we don’t want to,but it doesn’t hurt to know what the liberals are thinking. May God be with you Eric

  13. This has to stop, Eric Bolling is a good man. My wife & I love the FOX News Specailist but not without Eric. We DVR the show to watch later in the evening. When Eric is not on the Specailist we normally don’t watch the show. FOX News bring back Eric Bolling or my wife & I will just stop watching The FOX NEWS CHANNEL !

  14. Again coward-ism raises it’s head at Fox News, just like the Republican leadership not demanding facts, evidence, or to stand up for truth, they the Brass and the political right crumble when anyone from the left says Boo…Very sad to even think they are men, they are not!!!, When you have real men like Eric, Hannity , and , O’Rilley swinging for liberty, truth, the right to life, and everyone’s right to live their life as we decree not a government soulless group as the Democrats who would sell their own to the worst of humanity to make communism their new religion .I will never listen to a Democrat’s again as they are all liars and have no love for family or country… Now it seems the only truth and patriot I will tune into will be Sean Hannity.
    Like one viewer said, time to tune it out all together, and if I have too, just read President Trumps tweet to get the real facts and news…
    Hope the cowards will trade in the yellow stripe on their backs and say enough of the left and allow Eric back where he belongs. Thanks again Eric for showing us how men are to walk and talk….

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