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First White Player Joins National Anthem Protests on Monday Night Football

The first Monday Night Football game of the preseason is now in the books with the Cleveland Browns prevailing in a 10-6 barnburner against the New York Giants.

It wasn’t the action on the field that got the attention but rather that a dozen Browns players took a knee for the national anthem.

The NFL seems to be hell-bent on self-destruction regardless of what happens with the ongoing national anthem protest saga.

This week, NFL Players Association director DeMaurice Smith vowed that unless owners cut loose with more money, that the 2021 season would be nullified by a player strike.

Some, however, are looking to pull the detonator on those suicide vests as soon as this year over the hijacking of the games that people used to turn to for a diversion into an all-out assault on the USA with the catalyst being still unemployed radical Colin Kaepernick.

Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett turned heads last week when he called for white players to enlist in the cause and join blacks to protest how unfairly that the slave owners who run the NFL are treating their oppressed multi-millionaire players.

Now it’s happening.

According to For The Win “Michael Bennett said a white player needed to kneel during the anthem. Seth DeValve listened”:

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett sat for the national anthem during the Seahawks’ first two preseason games — something he says he’ll continue to do for the regular season — and he said that it would take a white player joining the national anthem protests to really change the conversation.

On Monday, Browns tight end Seth DeValve listened.

DeValve (No. 87, above) joined teammates Jamie Collins, Christian Kirksey, running backs Duke Johnson and Isaiah Crowell, wide receivers Kenny Britt and Ricardo Louis, safety Jabrill Peppers and cornerback Jamar Taylor in taking a knee for the anthem before a preseason game against the Giants. DeValve is the first white player to kneel for the anthem since Colin Kaepernick started his protest last season.

While Kaepernick remains without a team, Bennett and many other NFL players have continued that protest. On Wednesday, Bennett said that it would take a white player kneeling to amplify the conversation about social injustice in the U.S.

One has to wonder how many in the media are going to be singing the praises of Mr. DeValve in the coming weeks. Some of them were likely condemning Tim Tebow for kneeling in prayer during his magical season in Denver. He was vilified for it and even mocked in a Saturday Night Live skit.

Some could say that Tebow’s expression of his devout Christianity contributed to the end of his career. I don’t seem to recall there being any boycotts on his behalf, unlike those that have been undertaken for the left’s martyr Kaepernick.

Things change.

It should now be clear to all but those who are the blindest that it’s not social injustice that these protests have come to be about but rather against the presidency of Donald Trump who has become a national scapegoat thanks to a solid year of 24/7 media propaganda.

DeValve’s actions show that the cancer is beginning to metastasize and will soon be raging through the NFL and that some white players will also be joining the disrespect of the flag and those who sacrificed life and limb to give them the freedom to spit on it. For any who were hanging on in the hope that this would all go away and that they could be free to just enjoy watching sports without the anti-American leftist antics, it simply isn’t going to happen.

This could really be the dagger in the heart of the NFL and perhaps the time for all patriotic Americans who can see that these spoiled millionaires have no respect whatsoever for those who laid it on the line to begin to promote their own boycott of the first week of NFL games.

2017 or 2021, it’s now only a matter of what date gets chiseled onto the NFL’s tombstone. Sports and leftist politics are a toxic mix as the league that wraps itself in the flag only to let these malcontents defile it is soon to find out.

Sports and leftist politics are a toxic mix as a league that wraps itself in the flag only to let these malcontents defile it is soon to find out after millions more become alienated over this brazen disrespect of country and those who have served it.

Just my two cents.

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