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Do Elections Have Consequences? Should They?

One will doubtless remember when President Obama called Republicans together shortly after his election and scolded them for opposing any of his policies by reminding them that “elections have consequences.” He was, in other words, telling them to shut up and sit down because he was going to run Washington from that point on with every intention of “fundamentally transforming America“, and he did.

Now skip forward a few years and we have Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Would you think that the fact that Trump was elected president would cause the liberal press or the Democrat legislators to sit back and let Trump activate his policies as he promised to do? Not a chance in the world. The Washington establishment is so threatened by Trump’s ideas, and they became so spoiled by the radical leftist ideas and policies of the Obama administration, that they are almost literally having heart attacks opposing every move Trump makes to turn America around to being prosperous again. And this opposition to everything Trump proposes is also the Democrats sticking a finger in the eye of every American who voted for Trump for president in an attempt to nullify their vote.

The only redeeming quality to America’s current political situation is that Democrats are still quoting the same old crap that caused Hillary to lose the election to Trump, and at all levels of government the Democrats are still losing to Republicans. Just a few days ago the Democrat Governor of West Virginia, a traditionally Democrat state, change his party affiliation and became a Republican. The amusing thing about such political flipping is that the east coast liberal press doesn’t seem to be able to ever admit that liberals are losing to conservatives because they are following old outmoded ideas that no longer appeal to Americans after eight years of the subversive Obama, and instead they revert to name-calling of their former party-members, as they did with West Virginia voters, who they now call uneducated, dumb, lazy and unable to speak proper English, because they, as a state, voted for Donald Trump to be president. Do liberal Democrats not understand the term “burning one’s bridges”?

No reasonable person would ever say that, following an election, the winning party should be able to dictate all policy and implement the winner’s every wish, but to oppose every and all of Trump’s ideas and attack him personally as well as politically all day, every day, is way beyond what elections are all about. In 2016 Americans voted their dismay with Obama’s leftist, anti-capitalist, regulatory leanings and voted for the non-establishment candidacy of Donald Trump, and now leftists, in true dictatorial style, want the deny the electorate their victory.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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