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Charlottesville: A Crisis the Left Will Not Let Go to Waste

The police in Charlottesville stood-down in spite of the fact that the Democrat Governor of Virginia and the Democrat Mayor of Charlottesville suspected danger loomed as white supremacist, Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups prepared for a confrontation.

There were no Republicans or conservatives included in the Virginia decision process to allow the event to go forward, yet Republicans and President Donald Trump are at the top of the leftist’s blame list. So why did the Democrats allow the groups to face-off and become violent?


The day after the violence, only the radical left spokespersons were blaming Trump for the tragedy that occurred on the weekend. And gutless Republican never-Trumpers joined the Democrats in blaming the president. It appears that all of Trump’s enemies are making this one of those crises that should not go to waste. It would be a shame to allow a good anti-Trump story to go untold, even if it‘s a lie.

The left’s constant drumbeat against Trump will not end as long as the leftist press can contort the facts of Charlottesville or any other event to make Trump look bad. But to the contrary, supporters of Trump are satisfied with his performance following this Democrat-induced tragedy, so let the establishment media rail on with their vile charges.

It would help settle matters like Charlottesville if liberals would realize that whether it’s a Black Lives Matters group or a white supremacist group, they’re both leftist, anti-constitution, violence-prone, typically Democrat, anti-American groups and they should be left to fight each other until both sides just go away. Unfortunately, while these evil groups are fighting, peaceful, decent people are caught in the middle and too often are hurt.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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