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Amazon’s Reparations Themed Series ‘Black America’ is Dangerously Inflammatory

Amazon has a new series in the works that is as controversial as it is dangerous. Not only are Democrats and the media thriving on racial animosity but it has now become a booming business in the world of entertainment.

The Jeff Bezos empire – which includes the viciously anti-Trump fake news sheet the Washington Post – believes that their series Black America which envisions a post-Civil War country where blacks were given the states of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi as reparations will be a huge success for its original programming lineup.

The series will be counter-programmed against the controversial upcoming HBO show Confederate which imagines that slavery still exists after the south was able to secede from the union. Black America flips the premise in that the new black country of New Colonia is becoming an economic power as the U.S.A. declines.

It’s a ham-handed attack on the south as well as a metaphor for the divisiveness that has been pushed by the left after President Trump’s surprise victory.

According to USA Today “Amazon to counter-program ‘Confederate’ with reparations-themed ‘Black America’”:

Amazon is hoping that viewers who registered their disapproval of HBO’s upcoming slavery drama Confederate will have a positive reaction to their own alternate-history series, Black America.

As in Confederate, from Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, Black America takes place in a universe where the South has seceded from the Union. But where Confederate imagines slavery as a modern-day institution, the Amazon offering focuses on freed slaves who form their own country, New Colonia, out of the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, given to them as reparations for the country’s original sin.

New Colonia has been at peace with the United States for twenty years following 150 years of fighting. But their newfound accord is endangered by an economic role reversal: the new country has emerged as a new global power player as America slides into decline.

While Black America will surely be a big hit, it will do nothing but exacerbate racial tensions that are now as bad as they’ve been in decades thanks to Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats.

The provocative nature of Amazon’s program will hasten calls for reparations and sooner or later, some Democratic candidate will embrace them as a plank in the party platform.

Strangely enough, a leader of the New Black Panther party only last year called for blacks to migrate to the same three states that comprise Amazon’s New Colonia as well as Georgia and South Carolina to establish a “country within a country”, it’s hard to see how Black America won’t legitimize such nonsense.

The upcoming series will be available via streaming video.

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