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ACLU Demands Investigation of Police at Phoenix Trump Rally

You could tell how disappointed that the left, their media mouthpieces and all haters were after the police in Phoenix stymied ANTIFA goons and activists who wanted to provoke violence during President Trump’s speech on Tuesday.

Unlike Charlottesville where an incompetent mayor and a political hack governor were unable to keep the peace when radical leftists invaded the city to incite mayhem at the “Unite the Right” rally, the cops in Phoenix did a masterful job in maintaining order.

The minute that the anti-Trump hordes stepped out of line, the police were quick to keep things from spiraling out of control with pepper spray and tear gas, the left’s party was spoiled and they didn’t have another mob scene that resulted in a dead body to exploit for political gain.

But the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is going beyond the grumbling in the media and has demanded an investigation of the Phoenix Police Department for excessive force. It could be that the viral video of a leftist troublemaker getting hit in the balls by a tear gas canister was just too much for the organization to take.

On Wednesday, the Arizona ACLU issued a statement that despite its platitudes toward civil liberties, shows whose side that it is really on and it isn’t standing behind the good guys.

According to “The Arizona ACLU called for a probe of the police force after Trump’s rally”:

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Arizona is calling for a probe of the police force used after President Trump’s recent rally in Phoenix.

“Shortly after Donald Trump finished attacking the First Amendment rights of the press inside of the Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix Police began attacking the First Amendment rights of protesters outside,” Alessandra Soler, executive director of the ACLU of Arizona, said in a statement Wednesday after Trump’s rally the night before.

“Who in the future would want to take the risk of protest in Phoenix when it is clear that the city’s police department will take physical action against them without cause or notice?” Soler added.

“We do not have faith that the law enforcement agencies involved in this abuse of power will hold themselves accountable so we are calling for an independent investigation that will provide real answers.”

Soler added that the ACLU of Arizona is particularly troubled by the Phoenix Police Department’s use of pepper balls and tear gas following Tuesday night’s event.

“The health risks associated with deploying so-called ‘nonlethal’ weapons cannot be understated. Tear gas and pepper spray can have devastating health effects.”

Would the ACLU have preferred water cannons to tear gas?

The ACLU is wrong again on this one and the First Amendment rights of the anarchists and troublemakers have nothing to do about it.

This hypocritical organization has stood silently by while the debacle in Charlottesville has resulted in censorship, demonization of conservatives and calls from the left to strip Americans of their right to free speech because it is offensive to some.

The ACLU was silent during ten days of hysteria that have shaken America. That they are selectively choosing to damn the police for daring to maintain order and prevent violence shows how little bit of credibility that they have left.

Law enforcement’s response to the angry mob in Phoenix should serve as a textbook example for all cities in the nation on how to practice effective crowd control and to shut down leftist violence before it begins.

This sure as hell looks like effective crowd control to me and a damned good idea for those who want to quickly neutralize troublemakers at upcoming anti-Trump protests.

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