Schumer All But Accuses Trump of Treason Prior to Putin Meeting

With a vile series of tweets that should be a disgrace to any functional political party in a free country, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is fanning the flames of disloyalty before President Donald Trump’s Friday meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Schumer and the Democrats have bet their entire future on the conspiracy theories that Trump is a secret Kremlin agent and while the narrative has all but collapsed, the Democrat from New York is still selling his snake oil.

Cryin’ Chuck uncorked the following Twitter storm on Wednesday:

You have to give a shout out to Schumer’s staff, they certainly had all of their talking points lined up although the last one about the “fleecing” of his people is exactly what his party has been doing.

The Senator from Wall Street’s asshole is puckering largely because the POTUS didn’t make a public announcement that he would be discussing Hillary and the left’s election meddling accusations with Putin, instead choosing to focus on relevant foreign policy issues.

There is a damned good reason why President Trump is likely reluctant to talk about the election manipulation allegations – IT’S HOGWASH!!

Voters rejected the Russian hoax in the four special elections that the Democrats lost. CNN has admitted that it’s bullshit cooked up to juice ratings and the Democrats are now trying to breathe new life into a rapidly decomposing stinking corpse.

The DCCC and the party have already moved beyond the Russian meddling fakery even if Schumer won’t.

Dig this wonderfully enthusiastic new reason why Americans should vote Democrat next November:

Can it possibly get any more pathetic for the Dems?

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Donn Marten

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