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Russia Was Old News In 2012, But Is A Menace To The World In 2017.

One wonders exactly where the Democrats are trying to take our nation. During the 2012 presidential campaign, Barack Obama severely scolded Mitt Romney for his belief that Russia offered any kind of threat to America.

Yet today the Democrats are dumping every ailment the nation feels on President Trump’s dealings with the formerly impotent Russia.

One should keep in mind that during the 2012 presidential campaign when Obama was telling Romney how wrong he was about Russia and how “yesterday” Romney was for believing Russia had any impact on America at the national level.

Obama was caught on an open mic begging Vladimir Putin, via the Russian Prime Minister, to give him time to get re-elected so he could do Putin’s bidding with the defensive missiles that had been placed along Russia’s European border. So it appears that Obama was inordinately interested or fearful of Russia on one hand while telling Romney that Russia was of no interest at all on the other.

It would be interesting to know why Obama appealed for clemency with Putin and made certain to tell Putin that he would do what Putin wanted down once he won the presidency for a second term. After all, on Obama’s Oval Office desk, there’s a red phone with a dedicated line to Putin’s desk if Obama wanted to discuss any legitimate items of national interest.

What threats had Putin made to Obama that Obama wanted to put to rest with his subservient appeal to the Russian Prime Minister? Was it of a personal, scandalous nature or was it a piece of political dirt that Putin could have used against Obama, or maybe later against Hillary when it was her turn to become president?

What promises or threats had Putin made to Obama, and how had Obama become vulnerable to Putin’s blackmail? Or was Obama just plain and simply a “red president” giving away the store to Putin for ideological, anti-American reasons?

The whole area of interest in Russia and how only with the election of Donald Trump had Putin become a threat to America is not only interesting but is a fearful area to consider since Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America” and had some sort of secret dealing with Putin that the open mic only gave us a tinted window of a view into.

And with this latest Donald Trump Jr. fiasco and the left’s continued insistence that any discussion with a Russian automatically indicts anyone with the name of Trump as a “colluder” with Russia, whatever that means.

One wonders why the Obama administration allowed the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, now at the center of this issue, into the nation against warnings that she was persona non grata, and allowed an illegal extension of her visa here.

And why are there so many photos of this mysterious lady appearing as a person of importance with Democratic officials and in official government buildings and conference halls?

Also interesting is that John McCain sent an emissary overseas to collect the Golden Showers document which he and other Never-Trumpers hoped would hang Trump and remove him from office.

How is McCain sending one of his staff to meet with this leaker any different from Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian who claimed to have dirt on Hillary that Trump could possibly use during the 2016 campaign? And how is any of this different from Hillary working with Ukraine representatives to get dirt on Trump to use during the campaign?


What we’re witnessing with all of this anti-Trump activity and all of these investigations, is the Washington establishment pushing the pedal to the metal to get rid of President Trump because he’s trying to bury the traditional insider way of doing the government’s business.

He’s trying, and so far has been stunningly successful, in applying common sense and good judgment to government operations and make the federal government align with the constitution once again.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. FACT: The United States and Russia will never be ‘bunk buddies’. Russia is a most handy boogieman to drag out of the closet when ‘one’ wants to immediately cast a negative slant on most any issue because there is no one that expects them to play nice.

    It seems (to me) that all of this current hullabalu is actually a desperate cry for help by the rapid sinking of a Democratic ship that has no one at the helm. While the rest of us spend our time on “did he or didn’t he’ they are limping their way slowly back to port. On the horizon is Hillary and Obama, Warren, Sanders and Chuckie tugging the ropes & pulling them in for 2018 and 2020.

    The Demons are dancing around…..Indeed “the enemy within’ must be directly confronted.

    Thanks Dave

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