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Quentin Tarantino to Make Movie About Manson Family Murders

Controversial Hollywood schlockmeister Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming project is already causing a stir.

Tarantino is planning on making a movie about the infamous Manson Family murders that horrified the country as the 1960’s came to a bloody and violent close that forever destroyed the myth of the Summer of Love and that all hippies were peaceful people.

During the blazing hot month of August of 1969, followers of drug-crazed lunatic Charles Manson conducted a home invasion at the Los Angeles residence of now-disgraced pedophile Roman Polanaski.

While the director himself was out of town, his pregnant wife – actress Sharon Tate – wasn’t and she along with several other guests were slowly and methodically butchered by Manson’s doped-up hippie death squad.

Now one of Hollywood’s bad boys, the cop-hating Tarantino has found the perfect subject that he can exploit for the maximum shock effects.

His last movie “The Hateful Eight” may have dragged on for nearly two hours with no action but the final segment was filled with bloody projectile vomiting, a dismemberment, graphically violent shootings and stabbings, two exploding heads and a woman being lynched.

It was actually one of his least violent films if you can believe that.

Do you really think that he is going to treat the slaughter of Tate and her houseguests with any subtlety?

Sharon Tate’s family doesn’t and is vowing to make life difficult for Tarantino.

As reported by Radar Online “Sharon Tate’s Family In Pain Over Quentin Tarantino’s New Charles Manson Movie”:

Quentin Tarantino’s next film will be a drama revolving around the Manson Family murders, and he’s currently deciding between Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence to potentially play Sharon Tate, director Roman Polanski’s actress wife who was brutally killed in 1969 while eight-months pregnant.

While Robbie, 27, was believed to be the front-runner, Tarantino’s recent lunch with 26-year-old Lawrence made it clear it had become a two-horse race.

Whoever Tarantino chooses, RadarOnline can exclusively reveal that Tate’s sister, Debra Tate, 63, is preparing to butt heads with the Oscar-nominated director, whose films are known for their use of excessive violence.

“The pain of losing Sharon the way she did has never left Debra,” a source told Radar. “She’s fiercely protective of her sister’s legacy.”

And that means standing up to Tarantino and his Hollywood backers.

“She’s going to make things very difficult for Quentin unless he brings her on board as a consultant of some kind,” said the source.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, sources say that the film will offer a “unique take” on the Manson family which considering some of his previous work, it is anyone’s guess what that may mean.

The only thing more common in Tarantino’s movies than buckets of gore are utterances of the racial pejorative term “n*gger”, usually spewed from the filthy mouth of actor Samuel L. Jackson but filmgoers may get a reprieve this time as there are no African-American characters in the Manson family saga unless the “unique take” means bringing in Jackson to star as Manson himself.

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