Oregon Tiki Bar Owner Forced to Close Down Over ‘Cultural Appropriation’

The American Taliban is alive and well and running wild in Oregon.

The left coast state has been a bastion of anti-Trumpism and liberal lunacy that is only exceeded by its southern neighbor California.

In the latest dispatch of intolerance from the front lines of liberal-occupied territory, the owner of a Tiki bar was harassed into having to close down after accusations of cultural appropriation and insensitivity were leveled at him by hostile leftist culture warriors.

The Hapuna Kahuna Tiki Bar & Kitchen in Corvallis was bullied out of business in a matter of two weeks.

According to the Corvallis Gazette-Times “Tiki bar stirs up cocktail of accusations”:

A Corvallis restaurant owner is apologizing a week after opening up a Tiki bar downtown and being accused of cultural appropriation and insensitivity.

“I unintentionally made a mistake and I’m very sorry,” said Cloud Davidson, in an interview on Friday.

The Hapuna Kahuna Tiki Bar & Kitchen — until recently, the location was Cloud & Kelly’s Public House, an Irish pub — will close Sunday and reopen Sunday night as an extension of the Downward Dog, an adjacent bar that Davidson owns. Hapuna Kahuna started its short run on June 22.

Davidson said that residents of Polynesian ancestry, including those with the Oregon State University Asian and Pacific Cultural Center, complained about a combination of factors such as the use of a Hawaiian name, traditional iconography displayed in a cartoonish way, and how plastic leis were handed off to customers.

“I’m very sympathetic to the issues that were brought up to me. And I’m not for a moment going to tell a person of color that they’re wrong for how they feel,” Davidson said.

An unbiased observer has to wonder whether this occurred in Oregon or North Korea.

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