New York Times Op Ed Warns Democrats Over Radical Leftist Shift

It doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist to see that the Democratic Party is stumbling leftward like a drug-addled headless jackass and is perilously close to the edge of a cliff.

The rise of the so-called Resistance and the rigid dogma of forced diversity as well as a descent into the morass of Russian conspiracy theories has turned normal Americans off to Democrats.

With every stupid anti-Trump weekend protest, every celebrity calling for violence and every leftist media hissy fit, the Dems are wandering down a path to political irrelevance and farther away from the mainstream.

With the most prominent Democrats looking more like the inmates of an insane asylum instead of representatives of a legitimate political party, the wreckage of the rudderless ship steered into the rocks by Captain Barack Obama disintegrates on a daily basis.

The modern Democratic party is led by such unhinged leftist loons as Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, Fauxahontas, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, Rob Reiner, Rosie O’Donnell, Kathy Griffin and Rachel Maddow with each and every one only differing from each other in terms of potential for embarrassment.

But some adults on the perimeters of the menagerie are beginning to see the writing on the wall. Perhaps it was the four crushing special election losses and the collapsing Russian election meddling narrative, both of which should have been huge wake-up calls.

Two of them – Mark Penn and Andrew Stein – have just written an editorial in the New York Times calling for the party to reign in the whackos and look toward at least attempting to appeal to normal people again.

I excerpt the following from “Back to the Center, Democrats”:

..the last few years of the Obama administration and the 2016 primary season once again created a rush to the left. Identity politics, class warfare and big government all made comebacks. Candidates inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren and a host of well-funded groups have embraced sharply leftist ideas. But the results at the voting booth have been anything but positive: Democrats lost over 1,000 legislative seats across the country and control of both houses of Congress during the Obama years. And in special elections for Congress this year, they failed to take back any seats held by Republicans.

Central to the Democrats’ diminishment has been their loss of support among working-class voters, who feel abandoned by the party’s shift away from moderate positions on trade and immigration, from backing police and tough anti-crime measures, from trying to restore manufacturing jobs. They saw the party being mired too often in political correctness, transgender bathroom issues and policies offering more help to undocumented immigrants than to the heartland.

Bigger government handouts won’t win working-class voters back. This is the fallacy of the left, believing that voters just need to be shown how much they are getting in government benefits. In reality, these voters see themselves as being penalized for maintaining the basic values of hard work, religion and family. It’s also not all about guns and abortion. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both won working-class voters despite relatively progressive views on those issues. Today, identity politics and disdain for religion are creating a new social divide that the Democrats need to bridge by embracing free speech on college campuses and respect for Catholics and people of other faiths who feel marginalized within the party.

There are plenty of good issues Democrats should be championing. They need to reject socialist ideas and adopt an agenda of renewed growth, greater protection for American workers and a return to fiscal responsibility.

Is it hard to argue with the authors based on this map? Who are you going to believe? Bernie Sanders or your own lying eyes?


An electoral landslide is brewing in 2020 if the Democrats don’t heed good advice to abandon street mobs and socialism, identity politics and anarchy.

That horse pill is going to be a tough one to swallow for the likes of Crazy Bernie and his ilk.

It may even have to be administered rectally to Mad Maxine Waters but the only other way is the way of the Kool-Aid vat and anyone who is aware of the historical lessons of Jonestown has to understand that cultism is a dead end.

Hey, nobody likes to take their medicine but it will usually make them better.

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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