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New York Times Claims Smearing of Sarah Palin Was ‘An Honest Mistake’

The New York Times vicious attack on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as being somehow responsible for the nutcase who shot a congresswoman and multiple others in a Tucson supermarket was always a gross breach in journalistic ethics.

Right after deranged leftist Bernie Sanders fan James T. Hodgkinson attempted to massacre the entire Republican baseball team, the New York Times posted the dishonest screed that it had to correct.

But Palin wasn’t just going to be a punching bag for one of the most venomous and corrupt fake news organizations in the country.

She sued the bastards!

Now that the paper is in danger of losing money, the organization’s shyster lawyers are claiming that the hit piece on Palin was simply an “honest mistake” and that there was no malice whatsoever in going after an ally of President Trump.

According to the New York Post “NY Times says blaming Palin for shooting was ‘an honest mistake’”:

Sarah Palin’s defamation lawsuit against The New York Times should be tossed because the paper made “an honest mistake” when it said she incited a 2011 shooting that severely wounded Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords and killed six people, a lawyer for the Gray Lady said on Friday.

“There was an honest mistake in posting the editorial,” lawyer David Schultz told Manhattan federal Judge Jed Rakoff.

Last week, Palin sued the Times over a June 14th editorial that stated there was a “direct” link between one of Palin’s PAC ads and the shooting by Jared Lee Loughner.

The Times is lying as usual.

They had every intention of making the comparison between Palin and Jared Lee Loughner as a cover for the actions of Hodkinson who was driven to violence by leftist media outlets spewing fake news, demonizing Trump and spreading conspiracy theories. Media outlets like the New York Times.

Palin will be facing an army of lawyers but she is herself a public personality with a national following, she will easily win this battle in the court of public opinion and may do so in a court of law as well.

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  1. NYTimes should lose and lose big and also lose their protections since they are a propaganda and terrorist organization inciting violence to feed the ideological egos.

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