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Loony Left Triggered by Patriots Coach Bill Belichick’s Pro-Military Shirt

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has the loony left up in arms over a t-shirt that he was photographed wearing.

The olive-drab shirt depicts a soldier with a dog attacking a figure wearing a turban.

The soldier is smiling and the shirt bears the caption of “Life is Great” although you can go ahead and qualify that by adding “not for snowflakes” who quickly pounced.

God forbid that Mr. Belichick can’t be left alone to wear whatever the hell that he pleases but the shirt has assholes puckering on the perpetually offended left.

One of the more easily triggered whack jobs claims that it’s a symbol of racism that looks like the cops unleashing an attack dog against a black man:

Mr. Nasheed is the same crank who just claimed that the new “War for the Planet of the Apes” movie poster intentionally had an ape wearing a blue vest as a coded cheap shot at Black Lives Matter loudmouth DeRay McKesson:

The leftie nut-jobs already hate everything about the Patriots because Tom Brady was once caught with a “Make America Great Again” hat hanging in his locker and is a personal friend of President Donald Trump. Many of them became football fans just for the last Super Bowl so they could cheer against Trump’s team.

Alas, the great Atlanta Falcons 25-point joke job was so eerily reminiscent of Hillary’s election loss that it sent them to bed weeping softly into their pillows.

While the haters will hate, the truth is that Coach Belichick’s shirt is not a symbol of hate, but rather a pro-military message.

The Boston Herald gives you the straight scoop in a column by Tom Shattuck entitled “T-shirt shows Bill Belichick to be a true patriot”:

A Twitter user yesterday afternoon posted a couple of pictures of the prodigious coach wearing a shirt bearing an illustration that shocked some, confused others and pleased many more.

The text reads, “Life is great” and features a depiction of an armed man in a turban being attacked by a military dog as he’s being chased by a soldier carrying a rifle.

Is this hate-wear?

No way.

This is patriot-wear the Patriots head coach was showing off.

The shirts are sold on a site called, run by Jim Amann, now a deputy sheriff in Los Angeles. Amann is a former Navy SEAL who was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan with his military dog Rocky. Amman’s company, Trident K9 LLC, provides police and military K9 equipment and training, as well as the light-hearted shirt Belichick was sporting yesterday.

As Amann describes it, the shirt “tells a cartoon story of a deployment in Afghanistan where SEAL operators are chasing bad guys.” The website suggests wearing the shirt to “celebrate the end of Osama Bin Laden.”

Not surprising that such a shirt found its way to Bill Belichick. He has been a strong supporter of the troops and has even employed the stories of American military heroism in his coaching, as he did in 2013 when he took the team to see “Lone Survivor,” and in 2015 to watch “American Sniper.”

Amann was unaware that the five-time Super Bowl winning coach was wearing the item.

“I’m surprised,” he said. “I’m a big fan of his. I respect him as a leader.”

But Amann reserved his deepest praise for the military’s four-legged soldiers.

“These dogs have saved more lives than we can count,” he said. “They’re more than a dog. They can do things that no man or machine can do.”

Mr. Shattuck zinged the whacky Tasheed via Twitter:

There will inevitably be howls of protest, sanctimonious condemnations from ESPN liberals and calls for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to suspend Belichick but it is all the same noise and clap trap that comes from the anti-American crybabies on the left every day of the week

The shirts can be purchased at the website for a mere 18.95 but you better get them quick, thanks to the publicity from the aggrieved phonies on the left, these babies will be flying off the shelf.

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