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Finally, The Worm Turns

At last, the real political criminals, the American Democrat Party, are getting their clocks cleaned.

For example:

1. Debbie Wasserman Schultz had her computer impounded by police as part of an investigation into all kinds of crimes she was a party to the last two years.

2. The Golden Showers dossier, put in place by the FBI and presented as the bright idea intended to gain attention and perform as evidence for the Democrat’s Trump/Russian collusion lie, is being seriously investigated and reported on as the suspicious parties to the document are questioned.

3. Loretta Lynch is being looked at again for her Hillary “matter” instruction to James Comey and for her totally illegal and highly improper “collusion” with Bill Clinton at Sky Harbor airport as the Hillary email investigation was coming to a close.

4. James Comey is being considered for questioning for his leaks of dirt on Trump and for his misuse of FBI information that he used for his own personal convenience.

Would it not be the sweetest justice if we learned that all of the Democrat’s lying accusations about a Trump/Russia collusion were just a defensive attack on their part to cover up their own colluding with Russia as Putin tried to get some dirt on the new and unexpected Trump administration?

And consider the change of pace the liberal, lying press has undergone in the last week: all of a sudden they are defending the pure, sweet, noble and honorable Jeff Sessions against the evil, dastardly Donald Trump now that Trump is tweeting negative comments about Sessions. One must never forget the racism, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness the liberal press accused Sessions of during the confirmation hearings he sat through only a few months ago. Now that the press sees Sessions to be the enemy of their enemy, they stumble all over themselves to defend and befriend him. And I’d be willing to bet that the Democrat’s stumbles turn into trips and falls as this latest Trump event unfolds. The liberal press is clever, but I believe that Trump is out-smarting them this time and every time, and they can’t even see the trick unfolding before them.

Once Jeff Sessions decides to reopen the Hillary Clinton email investigation (and I pray he will quickly do exactly that) the press will have to again take up arms against him, the man they once hated, then loved and will once again learn to hate. It may just be that the liberal press is so used to just making up stories and attacking Trump with no fact-checking, that they will fall into the next hate-Sessions pitfall and not know that they’ve sprung their own trap and have foiled themselves once again.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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