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FBI Employees at Family Day Event Spotted in ‘#ComeyIsMyHomey’ T-Shirts

Former FBI Director James Comey got his share of love at the FBI’s Family Day event in Washington.

The slippery Comey was dumped by President Donald Trump for a myriad of reasons including his being a grandstanding “showboat” who seemed to be dragging out the Russia witch hunt to satisfy his own personal agenda.

While all has been forgiven by the left who were screaming for Comey’s head on a pike last November when they blamed him for Hillary’s election loss, it’s all lovey-dovey today as he is treated like an all-American martyr.

Such is the hypocrisy that serves as the coin of the realm with the left.

While Comey has now been canonized after a shining halo appeared over his head, it isn’t only the Democrats and the left who are enamored with him.

The FBI is still chock full of Comey loyalists, at least according to the t-shirts spotted at Family Day with the caption “#ComeyIsMyHomey” emblazoned across them in red, white and blue.

According to The Independent “FBI employees support sacked director by wearing ‘Comey is my homey’ T-shirts to bureau’s Family Day”:

An unexpected display of support for fired FBI Director James Comey, with employees spotted wearing #ComeyIsMyHomey t-shirts, took place at the bureau’s Family Day in Washington.

Family Day is for FBI employees, friends and families to visit the US intelligence service and take part in activities including SWAT demonstrations.

Mr Comey has been called an unpopular and ineffective leader of the FBI by Donald Trump. But this unscheduled display of affection for the ousted chief demonstrates that many still support him.

At least a dozen people wore matching #ComeyIsMyHomey shirts, according to social media posts. The identity of the Comey backers was kept hidden, however, as the images did not show their faces.

One supporter tweeted: “Come on Jim Comey. We need you man! Lordy, we need you!”

With such sentiment being proudly displayed at the FBI it’s pretty clear that an atmosphere of hostility towards Trump runs deep within the bureau.

Trump will never be able to achieve peace until he is able to weed out all of the Obama’s fifth column within the nation’s Intelligence Community.

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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  1. Why do you focus on Comey besides merely reporting him as news. Comey’s testimony before Congress exposed him as nothing more than a self-aggrandizing political shill for the Progressives. His opinion is no longer important to many thinking Americans, he has become an old horse for which flogging will only ensconce his “martyrdom.”

  2. You can always find idiots in any crowd. A dozen, maybe? Sounds pretty desperate to me….

    If there is one thing the LIAR LEFT LIBERAL media is good at it’s Joseph Goebel style propaganda (pulling at every vapor-thread they can invent!)

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