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Democrats: Still Living in an Alternate Universe!

The Hawaiian judge strikes again. This issue will not go soon!  I’ve always been one who wants open dialogue on all issues. I like when someone has an opposing viewpoint and comes at it honestly.

Note that word “honestly.” What I mean by that is, if you have formulated your own opinion based on fact or experience then even if we are at opposite ends of the issue we should be fine. If you are simply spewing the “Party” line or repeating fake news from your favorite fake news sources, then the gloves are off.

Case in point: When President Obama restricted visa waivers for seven Muslim-majority countries — Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen, there was no outcry from the Left. (There’s much more to that “ban” but you’ll have to read the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act.) And the Left didn’t freak out when President Jimmy Carter rescinded/canceled all Iranian visas.

The Oblamo administration actually stopped processing visa’s for 6 months from Iran in 2011 after it was found (cough-cough) that Al Qaeda operatives tried to obtain refugee status in Kentucky. But real applicants who actually helped the U.S. government as intelligence sources were ignored. God only knows what happened to them! But his highness Mr. Obama was in office, so all that was OK!

In November of 2016 his eminence Senator Chuck Schumer said we may need a pause on Syrian refugees entering the country. No outrage!

Bill Clinton signed a travel ban from those countries that had HIV outbreaks. No outrage!

Didn’t FDR limit the rights of Germans, Japanese, and Italians already in this country, even if they were born here? What, no outrage!

Did you catch the common thread in all those cases? All Democrats!

Trump’s temporary bans have been met with outrage from the left! Judges who have stopped President Trump’s bans are almost all appointees of… Guess who?

One ban even used the same information that Obama used to issue his temporary travel ban. It was also stayed.

When Republicans speak out on the need for a travel ban of some kind until we get proper security screening in place the Left goes nuts acting like spoiled 17 year-old brats!

When the Left has actually implemented bans in the past, the Pelosi and Schumer’s of the world praise the move as making the United States more safe! Yep, that’s a double standard right there.

I bet the British are wishing they had a temporary pause or stronger check points right about now.

Democrat leadership has decided that because of their losses over the last 8 years they need to move farther to the Left. More towards socialism. More towards progressivism.

Really? So, you lost all those seats across the country while implementing your anti- religion, anti-free speech, anti-second amendment agenda and you think you lost because you didn’t go far enough to the Left?

Look at the polls and the reasons people voted for Trump. People were afraid of having more and more government in their lives, more and more job losses, more and more business going to other countries.

When you believe that it’s bad or wrong to honor the American Flag, or think that the United States is the best country on the planet, or believe that America and its people are exceptional, you are alienating mainstream America!

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Joe Messina

Joe is a no-nonsense, conservative realist. He is not interested in “what if?” or “we could have!” He is interested in hearing both sides and has no problem taking on taboo issues with real questions looking for real answers. Racism, religion, and politics are all open season for topics, and he’s happy to offer up his opinion in the process! Joe is an engaging speaker mixing a healthy dose of sarcasm with the cold, hard facts, interacting with the audience, taking questions, and often playing “devil’s advocate”… just to make you to think! Actively engaged in community, church, and politics for well over a decade, Joe enjoys the reputation of being a man of integrity and ethics. He has had several successful businesses and held several executive positions with various Fortune 1000 companies. He is often sought after to teach classes his “black and white breakdown” of business ethics. If you like to “stir the pot” a little and you don’t want to hear any more political correctness, Joe is your guy! Just name a topic… politics, religion, racism, or most any current event. Joe can be heard daily across the airwaves and over the internet on several stations.

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