Democrat Challenger Calls Out Crazy Bernie’s Phony ‘Robin Hood Shtick’

Two of the more interesting contests to keep an eye in 2018 both involve Democrats.

Not only Democrats but the truly deranged progressive ones who have been the leaders of the far-left revolt within the party which is now also being blamed for Hillary Clinton’s loss.

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, the fake Indian will be facing off against a REAL Indian in Shiva Ayyadurai.

Her opponent has already coined the campaign slogan of “only a real Indian can defeat a fake Indian” which is classic. Mr. Ayyadurai is an Indian-American and has already been working to get under the extremely thin skin of the Massachusetts senator – he sent her a DNA kit for a birthday present last month.

This race is going to be awesome in terms of sheer popcorn value.

However, more importantly, is the looming challenge to raving socialist crank Bernie Sanders who despite having run for the Democrat nomination, claims he is an independent. This is a dodge as he would have zero credibility were he to just be honest and head up the American Communist party so he passes himself off as a Dem.

But a REAL Democrat and a Hillary supporter who looks to exact a terrible vengeance against Crazy Bernie is gearing up to challenge the braying old goat.

Given that he is in the top five on Hillary’s enemies list and dealing with an FBI investigation into his wife’s dealings at Burlington College, the party establishment sees an opportune time to bust a cap into his ass politically.

That is why his opponent, Jon Svitavsky has more than a puncher’s chance to knock the wannabe Lenin off of his soapbox.

Svitavsky has called bullshit on Bernie’s “Robin Hood” routine that has made him a hero to young people looking for free stuff.

Fox News is reporting “Sanders draws Democratic challenger tired of his ‘Robin Hood shtick’”:

Bernie Sanders’ enduring popularity across Vermont for decades has scared off political challengers, but the Independent senator is facing competition in his 2018 re-election bid from a Democrat who thinks his “Robin Hood shtick” must end.

“It’s shamefully arrogant when you’re more interested in being a celebrity than honoring your progressive agenda,” challenger Jon Svitavsky told Fox News. “This wonderful, political ‘I am Robin Hood shtick’ can only last for so long.”

The longshot bid comes from a first-time candidate even more anti-establishment than the democratic socialist incumbent and, in his words, “far more liberal.”

An advocate for the homeless who claims to have some name recognition in the state, Svitavsky not only questions the sitting senator’s commitment to Vermont voters but argues he used and undermined the Democratic Party for his 2016 presidential bid.

Svitavsky hopes to win the state’s Democratic primary and challenge Sanders in the general election.

In an interview Tuesday, he sounded undeterred by Sanders’ popularity and war chest, saying that his decades-long efforts in opening homeless shelters across the state has given him standing among voters.

“I think that resonates,” he said. “And I’m not unknown here. People might say I don’t have political experience but not that I’m insincere. … I’m far more liberal than Bernie, far more committed to making things happen.”

Svitavsky says he’s getting strong grassroots support from across the state and country — including a call from a guy who used to play with folk-singing legend Pete Seeger.

The Sanders campaign has declined to comment on Svitavsky’s bid.

If pro-Hillary forces are able to successfully tag Bernie as one of the reasons for her loss then Svitavsky could go from a longshot bid to a serious contender.

If nothing else, the ensuing pissing contest may fracture the left’s vote and if the Republicans can get their act together, they may be able to steal Bernie’s Senate seat.

It may be acceptable collateral damage for the Democrat elite to be able to rid themselves of him and his meddlesome followers.

While there will certainly be more great matchups to come, these two are already the subject of early buzz.

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