PETA Scare Tactic Claims Eating Beef Causes Erectile Dysfunction

The left-wing whackos after at PETA have come up with a new idea to discourage Americans from eating meat.

The animal rights activists are trying spread their message that all humans should be vegans despite centuries of history as carnivores and have “erected” a new billboard deep in the heart of beef-loving Texas at a busy transit point in Dallas.

As the advertising maxim goes “sex sells” and PETA has slyly adapted that to a “lack of sex sells” by claiming that eating beef will lead to a lack of male prowess in the sack or in purely clinical terms – erectile dysfunction.

Dallas ABC affiliate WFFA 8 reports “New PETA billboard in Dallas: ‘Meat interrupts your sex life’”:

PETA has a message and it can be seen on a new billboard in Dallas right now.

The billboard shows a cow lying in between a couple that appears to be uninterested in one another. “Meat interrupts your sex life” is written next to the picture with a description that says, “Meat and dairy clog your arteries and can lead to erectile dysfunction.”

According to PETA, the ad aims to remind Dallas residents that consuming meat “can have a major impact on what happens– or doesn’t happen– in the bedroom.”

You’ll find this billboard on I35 east off of exit 429D.

“There’s nothing sexy about animal suffering and clogged arteries,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA’s cheeky billboard will have Dallas diners swapping that deadly date-night steak for a vibrant veggie burger in a heartbeat.”

PETA tried to run the ad at Trinity Groves mall, but the facility’s media company said no to the campaign because the area is best known for its restaurants and the message was too controversial.

The organization says they are running similar ads featuring a pig in North Carolina and another featuring a chicken in Georgia later in the month.

The best thing to do is to just ignore this leftist propaganda, eat a balanced diet and keep in mind the recent study that shows that Republicans are having more sex than their neurotic leftist counterparts.

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