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Jeanine destroys Comey in Epic monologue [video]

Jeanine Pirro, host of Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine“, slammed fired FBI Director James Comey Saturday for his overly dramatic and perhaps dishonest testimony before a Senate panel last week.

Calling it “the greatest political hoax since Eve convinced Adam to eat that apple” Jeanine points out Comey’s not so righteous indignation put on display the weakness put on display by the disgraced director during the hearing. “Poor Jim. You sound like a two-year-old,” she said.

Pirro then went on to point out James Comey’s impending legal trouble for having removed his memo from FBI storage to have a friend leak them to the press.

“The only problem, the record is a federal record and removing it is a clear violation of the Federal Records Act.”

Jeanine then questions Comey’s ethical judgment for having leaked a presidential conversation to the press and suggests that if he did it this time, he’s probably been comfortable leaking privileged or classified information in the past.

Pirro ends her “Opening Statement” by predicting Comey’s ruin and putting the blame precisely where it belongs.

“Your downfall is a consequence of a tragic flaw, a major weakness – your hubris.”

Jeanine expertly tears James Comey’s testimony, career and character apart piece-by-piece. Enjoy!

Pirro’s show airs Saturdays on the Fox News Network at 9 PM Eastern Time.

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