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Call to Action: Congress to Vote on Kate’s Law, Sanctuary Cities Today

*Update: The House passed both bills thanks to your action* We will announce another call to action as soon as we have the Senate schedule.*

The House of Representatives is voting Thursday on two measures intended to protect American citizens from dangerous illegal aliens.

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The first, H.R. 3004 nicknamed “Kate’s Law”, would impose stronger minimum prison sentences on illegal aliens who re-enter the United States after having been deported. Even stronger penalties would be placed on those who have been convicted of non-immigration-related crimes.

The second, H.R. 3003 named “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act”, prohibits state and local governments who refuse to cooperate with federal authorities in immigration matters from receiving Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security funding.

Both bills were introduced into the House late last week and have not yet gone through committee, but the president has indicated that the House may be voting on it Thursday.

Contact Your Representatives to Demand Passage

It is critical that you contact your representative TODAY and let them know that a failure to pass either bill will be a mid-term election issue.

Find your representative HERE by entering your zip code. If you already know who your representative is, then go HERE to get their phone number. If you want the representative’s website, just click on their name from either search page – all of their contact information is at the bottom of the page you will get sent to.

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