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Anti-Trump Left Goes From Insane To Pathological

Kathy Griffin, never a person I would call funny, is also a person who doesn’t know bad taste and dangerous actions when she‘s committing them, as is obvious from her displaying the severed head of President Trump recently. Does this woman understand the significance of pretending to have killed the president of the United States?

One really has to express a fear of these idiot leftist anti-Trumpers. Do they know right from wrong? In their hate for Donald Trump are they able to behave reasonably? Could this be a situation where real and true pathology has resulted from the leftist Democrat screaming, raging hate and anger they’ve displayed at having lost the last presidential election?

How can the decapitated head of anyone, let alone the president of the United States, be considered humorous and anything but the worst taste and an example of horrible judgment?

With spokespersons and party leaders like Kathy Griffin and the crass, lying piece of crap that is Hillary Clinton, one has to fear for America if a Democrat is ever elected president again. The current bunch of so-called leaders, if elected president, would immediately discard the constitution, appoint ultra-liberal judges to every open court position, and would edict the equivalent of the United Nations climate court on America, assuring our national impoverishment.

Thomas Sowell, the brilliant author, once said during the Obama years, that one of his greatest fears was that Iran would launch some sort of attack on the United States and that Obama would immediately surrender and allow the occupation of America by Iranian troops. That’s the fear I have about anyone in the Democrat party. No Democrat who has any power to voice opinion in the Democrat party has anything resembling common sense, and has only the most fascist tendencies on any subject.

America is indeed facing dangerous times.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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