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U.S. Officials: U.S. Airstrike Hits Pro-Assad Forces in Syria

Map of Syria Al-Tanf Strike 5-18-17

A U.S. led coalition airstrike hit pro-Assad government forces in Syria according to U.S. officials.

Pro-Syrian regime forces entered and began fortifying positions in a declared “de-confliction” zone in southern Syria. The Syrian troops’ position threatened forces allied with the U.S.

Allied forces fired warning shots which the attackers ignored. U.S. commanders decided to strike as a matter of force protection.

It is not yet clear if any U.S. troops were present on the ground.

The strike occurred near Al-Tanf, Syria which is a remote area at the border between Syria, Jordan and Iraq,

Other than a Tomahawk cruise missile strike in April, the United States has not called for airstrikes on pro-Assad forces.

U.S. officials say that there is no change in policy and the strike was due to circumstances on the ground.

*this is a breaking news story and will be updated as facts warrant*

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