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Thank God Trump’s In Office

Syria, North Korea, Russia, ISIS, Terrorism, Healthcare, sanctuary cities, the wall, the Supreme Court; all of these, and many other things as well, are reasons Americans should thank God that Donald Trump occupies the Oval Office.

After years of indecision, dithering, issuing executive orders that killed jobs, introducing mischievous and divisive things like LGBT bathrooms, pretending to oppose ISIS while aiding them at every turn, “fundamentally transforming America” and behaving like a third world dictator, we can all be thankful that Barak Obama is no longer making decisions impacting our nation and it’s welfare.

Everything that plagues American life was caused by Obama’s leftist, radical ideology and is now coming to a head after the architect has left office, and it’s a blessing that Hillary Clinton did not follow Obama into the presidency or she would be making even more excuses for taking no action on Syria and North Korea, and would be making radical leftist individuals in America feel mistreated and abused if they didn’t get free education, free televisions, free cable service, free internet, free food, free housing, free electric service, free healthcare and time to demonstrate and destroy private property at any leftist gathering Hilary preferred.

We are indeed lucky to have a real grown-up adult in the White House.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Yes, thank God Trump is our president and leader, and thank GOD for our new SC Justice-to-be. It’s true that MAGA can be realized, but we have to continue to fight the horrors of aggressive Communism.

  2. Damn right! Imagine if Hillary did win, our Country would have continued it’s path to destruction, liberals are so far gone, they just make no sense. We will be able to undo a lot of the damage done and the nonsense

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