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Prosecutor leading Trump-Russia investigation stepping down

Mary McCord

The Department of Justice official leading the investigation into Trump-Russia collusion is calling it quits.

Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security Mary McCord will officially leave her post in May “to pursue new career opportunities.”

McCord has served as a federal prosecutor for more than 20 years and in her current position for the last three.

The Justice Department is currently understaffed as U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions requested the resignations of all federal prosecutors and congress has been slow to confirm the nominations he has made.

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  1. If Republicans an use the Nuclear Option to elect Supreme Court nominees, why can’t they use it on other vacant positions?

  2. Joseph O'Donnell

    Why is Congress so slow to approve the nominees to fill the positions Sessions needs? I guess making these decisions is not sexy enough for the House. Shame on them. We are left with either democrat holdovers or empty chairs. Maybe its time we let Congress know there will be more empty seats in Congress come 2018!

    • Only the Senate approves the nominees.

    • President Trump (IMHO) has so many roadblocks: the Communist/Democrats; 80% of the Republican Party; the filthy, deceptive MSM. If this country survives another hundred years, it will truly be a MIRACLE.

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