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MELTDOWN: Woman freaks out over couple hugging in public: ‘You’re Sexually Harassing Me!’

A woman in Santa Monica, California had a complete public meltdown over a couple hugging while in line at a restaurant. Is this just someone with some deep-seated personal issues or the beginning of a new movement to ban public displays of affection (PDA)?

“You’re sexually harassing me!” the nose ring wearing anti-PDA warrior exclaimed adding, “You’re making out in front of people!”

The man who recorded the video refuted the troubled woman’s assertions saying, “I had my arms around my girlfriend and kissed her on the forehead a couple times.”

We’ve bleeped out her harsh language to keep things (sorta) safe for work!

Later in the video, she insults immigrants, foreigners and just about everyone else in the restaurant. Best if viewed full screen…

if the video does not display CLICK HERE

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  1. She is right . I also travel by bus which is a public transport and it gets awfully disgusting when boys and girls start making out I once traveled by bus and this white guy started *@#@#%#@ this ugly Chinese girlright then and there. You know such people should be jailed. I support her, it’s nauseating and disgusting.

    1. @Mary
      Well it did say it was a kiss on the cheek/forehead. So you’re supporting calling people a “slut” and a “whore” for that? “Nauseating” XD.

    2. You either didn’t watch the full video, or you are her, or you are just crazy. She lied and said they were sexually harassing her and were having intercourse in public and called the woman a prostitute and escalated the event into a crazy freak out session. She acted crazy and showed a complete lack of integrity. The man just hugged his girlfriend in public and kissed her on the forehead. If I was you, I’d be embarrassed for supporting her. Btw, you really come off racist here. Maybe you need some help.

  2. Hugging ?? vs ‘making out’…..A huge difference and this clip doesn’t distinguish….The ‘anger’ displayed sure indicates that this woman has several personal issues that include insecurities perhaps motivated by envy?

    Mary is right about the degree she describes.

  3. making out (simply a few kisses here and there) in public areas yeah it’s disturbing even to me But for 1 it’s called mind your business and don’t look… now if thr couple are going over board with it hell yeah get a room no one wants to here or see that… But if a “kiss on the head and than cheek” bothers anyone that much than that person is the one who need the help and who is disturbing… this woman in the video went over the top especially with the other man so she deserves to be arrested or actually a mean ads ticket and if she works in a company than some time off to work on her issues

  4. Anyone who agrees with her behavior or dialogue is extremely sleazy. Unfortunately, I’m sure there are many that do. Her conduct was inappropriate and damaging, and she was in fact the harasser. By shouting entirely fabricated narratives she projectes her own difficult feelings or emotions onto everyone else. That’s her way of coping with unwanted feelings, of which she has many. Between public display of affection and public display of unwarranted anger, it’s clear which of the two is more evil. People like her start wars, small and big.

  5. Uh oh. Mary sounds like a racist person. If you make a scene like that, some people might not just use words to stop you.

  6. Mary sounds like someone who was left by her man for a Chinese woman. And it’s not hard to see why. Let’s all pray that Mary finds someone as racist as she!

  7. I hope that SMPD is looking for this woman and the couple is pressing charges, because this is obvious verbal harassment and most likely slander. She continually escalated when others tried to de-escalate. She may have her right to her opinion, but her opinions quickly devolved into slanderous accusations and attacks of character, which is not protected

  8. The girl is an actress. The couple might be actors too. It was published April 1st. We’ve all been punked. Just my opinion 😉

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