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Full Event: President Trump’s 100-day rally in Harrisburg, Pa

President Trump is holding one of his famous rallies on April 29th which is the 100th day of his presidency.

The event is scheduled to start at 7:30 pm ET at Harrisburg’s PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Center located in the New Holland Arena.

The president will highlight the successes of his administration and emphasize the things he still intends to accomplish.

How do you think President Trump did during his first 100 days?

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  1. Isn’t anyone concerned about the following:
    1. He talked of bringing certain job sectors back without having any plan either during the election or now. Example: how would we bring coal or steel jobs back? Seriously. He’s a businessman, right? Why doesn’t he tell the truth about a plan or state it’s not feasible?
    2. Does anyone actually care how we would pay for a wall? It’s upkeep? It’s staffing? What budgetary items need to be sacrificed for it and are you willing to give those up if that meant perhaps less funding for highways or Medicare provided chemotherapy for you?
    3. To those who think he is going to unite us, please specify and give sources of where he has tried this and establish a pattern of conciliatory behavior.

    At first I was troubled by his election and guess what? I didn’t like Hillary or Bernie or anyone but I grew up in Philly and saw this pseudo-businessman born into wealth leisure and the upper crust help kick out the final leg from Atlantic City and found him to be so idiotic I wished I could have laughed in his face. I saw him indulge in immorality and mock decency. Who cares you say? Since half those who voted for him cite concern about abortion or national turpitude as a reason to vote for him, maybe you care or should. Since his voters state he is just like them, who knew this entitled individual had to go into a coal mine or work two jobs or choose between health insurance or food? Yep. He’s just like us. It’s hilarious.

    When Trump no longer needs this gig to fuel the unquenchable fire of his narcissism or you or any of us, you may care. When he no longer requires your audulation to fuel this kick, he will retreat to the same world he came from leaving Americans behind. When you have a wall that you are paying for but no actual other immigration reform and still have illegal immigrants how will you feel? When the steel mill is still closed and the quiet of economic lassitude of forgotten cities and towns rings in your ears, what’s your plan? By the grace of God, I’ve already started to prepare for it…have you?

  2. Lol, We need more concerned Americans, such as you, paying attention and voicing their concerns. Studies throughout the years have shown that many objections or not accepting the possibility that the ‘new’ and ‘unknown’ is often based on fear of that unknown…and very very natural…it can be equally helpful if it isn’t allowed to block out one’s ability to absorb and rationalize other opinions….that can prove your fears are valid When someone absolutely cannot, then it is an obsession.

    You, (thank goodness) are smart enough to ask some good questions. I’ve spent at least a decade researching in particular, ‘border issues’ and if you don’t mind I’d like to share some facts that may help you reach a more favorable conclusion. (If you like, I can make my sources available)

    Without any participation from Mexico, we can pay through SAVINGS of current related cost. Currently there is an annual re-occuring cost of $13 BILLION tax payer dollars in social benefits, including all minor and major medical, housing, food and schooling. Additionally consider the ‘crime’ rate. Illegals commit 4=5 hundred VIOLENT FELONY crimes against American citizens. The cost of Federal/State prisons to house them runs an estimate of $100,000 to !25,000 a year EACH…multiply that by 4-5 hundred. While some do work and pay payroll taxes, they also send an estimated $ 8 Billion back to country of origin. (imagine, if you will, that money being spent in the USA) For a complete breakdown go to the Center for Immigration Studies website.

    Bringing back jobs….How? Beyond curbing imports and meeting in country demands, I have no idea. I can generate an increase in my own small business….but I am NOT an expert in either finance or big business (few of us are) and he has surround himself with a wealth of knowledge. It’s not costing us a dime to wait and give it a chance…If successful, it’ll be great, if not , then we remain in the Obama doldrum. of despair.

    Unite us ??? Remember the old saying “You can please some of the people all of the time, but you can’r please all of the people all of the time” ? Open discourse, such as you’ve done, is a great step. Never will we all agree on everything….even if we have the same goal. The opposition just might offer an idea we can build on if we allow ourselves to hear it out. If people stay locked in tight and refuse any attempt to undo their lock…we all lose.
    “A willow tree can bend, sway and change directions…..but doesn’t break or lose it’s strong roots’

    Take care and I hope this is at least a start to answer some of your questions and I hope you will continue in your caring questions


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