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Geraldo Rivera Is Confused About Sanctuary Cities

Saturday morning on the Fox News Channel Geraldo Rivera made some mistaken, or maybe his remarks were instead misleading, statements; with him one can not be certain if he’s serious of not. He said that sanctuary cities like Chicago should not be blamed for their high murder rate because the murders are of a domestic, gang-related nature, and are not mainly caused by illegal aliens living there. I am unable to recall anyone blaming the sky-rocketing murder rate in Chicago on illegal aliens; we blame the high murder rate on the leftist Democrat Mayor of Chicago. But Geraldo appears to be trying to divert attention from the sanctuary city idiocy by removing a high murder rate from the mix, and this misrepresentation of the facts will not fly.

Even if one sets aside the horrific 2015 murder of Kate Steinle by an illegal alien in San Francisco, the very idea of allowing illegals to be in this country and to live here at public expense is a crime in itself and is a criminal activity. Then add into the situation that fact that the mayors of these criminal cities will not coordinate with the federal government to get rid of illegals residing in their cities, and you have an untenable situation that must be corrected.

One can recall a couple of years ago that the Obama administration sued the state of Arizona for trying to set up its own immigration controls on its border with Mexico and halt, or at least attempt to control, the influx of illegals crossing the Arizona/Mexico border each day. Obama won the case in the Supreme Court by arguing that only the federal government has the constitutional authority to control the borders of the nation and that states must be prohibited from doing so. Having won this argument, Obama then sat back, played another round of golf and allowed the same influx of illegals to illegally enter the United States, exactly what Arizona had attempted to halt by doing its own border monitoring. Under Obama, the federal government ignored its constitutional obligation to protect the nation’s borders and its citizens, and in fact went so far as to advertise for more illegals to cross into America in order to beef up the Democrat voter roles.

The constitution does not suggest that maybe the federal government should perhaps control the borders, it made it the obligation of the federal government to do so, and Obama was in violation of the constitution by halting Arizona from protecting its citizens, and then doing nothing at the federal level to protect America.

One murder of an American by someone who should not be here is way too many, and that’s why sanctuary cities are criminal entities that must be ended, and liberal mayors and governors who support such a situation be damned. Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, said he will withhold federal funds from any city in violation of immigration laws, and that’s exactly what must happen. And if that doesn’t get their attention, then put the fools in federal prison.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. DRAIN THE SWAMP! That’s all that really needs to be done, and not just on the federal level either. It should be obvious that any mayor or city councilman that is not putting the safety of their own citizens as their highest priority, should be promptly removed from office, if not arrested for reckless endangerment.

  2. Geraldo isn’t confused….he’s a short pompous blow hard that’s chocking up points ($$) with the young lion James Murrdock…the leftest son of Rupert Murrdock FOX NEWS owner. Since Daddy turned over the reins FOX will soon be just another cable station. (fyi; James ran family owned left leaning SKY News in London and want it to merge with FOX)

    Dave, Arizona’s bill 1070 was almost verbatim to the Federal Law as written. Of course to Holder the law is what he said it was or wasn’t

    TO ME…Any elected official that does not comply with Federal Law should be removed from office and charged with ‘impeding or obstruction of law..,,’give ’em a fair trial, then lock them up” THAT and the WALL will do wonders for making America great again!

    The criminal trespassers that return after deportation can share the jail cells. Not that I have an opinion 🙂

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