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After Eight Years Of “Fundamentally Transforming America” Obama Thinks More Community Organizers Are Needed

Former President Barack Obama appeared in Chicago and gave a speech to a bunch of community organizers. Did he tell them that this organizing thing will set them up nicely to one day become president it did for him?

I’m afraid that our Barry did not leave a good taste in the mouths of Americans for community organizers. In the wake of Obama and his anti-American activities, unemployment was up, the economy was down, America had been weakened, terrorism was thriving, Syrian chemical gas attacks were continuing, Russia gained a foothold in the Middle East, North Korea was testing delivery missiles that could reach America and Iran is still developing a nuclear weapon. So exactly what were the good things that came from the Obama administration that speaks in favor of more of this ilk being trained?

One suspects that the essence of Obama’s meeting is that he believes we need more people to cause friction among the poorer classes and get more people out on the street to break and burn things, which is exactly what the Obama administration did in eight years and why his reputation is so sullied. Community organizers do not encourage people to get jobs and raise families responsibly, they only foment trouble, which makes the organizers more powerful, not the people being manipulated.

If Obama was so good for America, and if he did things that were so liberating for the downtrodden, and if his community organizing skills raised millions of people from poverty to independence and middle-class status, why do we now need to train additional of his type of person to rabble rouse more?

The truth is that Obama’s administration caused a disastrous spike in the number of people in poverty, oversaw the wholesale assassination of police officers, saw the invasion of our nation by illegal immigrants, saw a president who daily disobeyed the constitution, saw a president who daily broke laws, witnessed new and increased terrorist attacks on domestic targets, oversaw increased racial distrust among the American population, witnessed the government nationalization of healthcare and saw the rich get richer while the middle class shrank and became poorer.

So if we need more of this crap in America, then Obama is our guy.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. You pretty much said it all, Dave. I understood that his audience was primarily ‘students’. Saw a short clip…he looked ‘bad’, but sat like a ‘wizened old professor’ mentoring his students. Sadly, there will always be the ‘groupies’ that hang onto his every word….especially if he has any stolen ‘free stuff’ left. People have to want to change and rest assured he’ll do his best to keep them from wanting.

    If he hadn’t tried to destroy my country I might feel sorry for him…must be hell to live with so much insecurity…(& Michelle)

  2. I seem to recall another figure who said: “If you tell a lie long enough people will believe it”…

    So Obama needs more community organizers to flood the political and social scene.

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