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Typical Arrogance And Misconduct From The Political Left

After six years of insisting that Obamacare provided competition, choice and reduced costs to Americans, and that it didn’t force people to lose the plans they liked, Obama’s old buddy and pal, Ezekiel Emanuel, admitted on Fox and Friends this morning that deductibles under Obamacare are too high and need to be reduced. The filthy, lying left will never admit that their radical plans are abusive of the people they are imposed upon and that they are always too expensive, until they’re forced to do so.

It hasn’t been that long ago that Nancy Pelosi was typically and idiotically reminding everyone that Obamacare (also officially misnamed the Affordable Care Act) was “affordable, affordable, affordable” and that it needed no changes to the way it was implemented and had been structured. Liberals never see, and will not admit, the weaknesses of their radical ideas until they are hit up-side the head and forced to admit misjudgment.

If the costs of Obamacare, that Mr. Emanuel now admits have been too high all these years, were and are too high, why did the radical left not help the people who were paying too much for healthcare all this time under Obamacare, and lower the costs two, three or four years ago? Instead they allowed working people to have to lower their standard of living in order to pay for the sky-high and rising costs of Obamacare.

Damn and to hell with a bunch of fool liberals, and thank God that Donald Trump came along and made them admit their intentional, wasteful and punitive errors!

Liberals and their policies always work contrary to the benefit and welfare of the people they rule. Yet they constantly and inevitably devise schemes that hurt these unfortunate people while expanding precious government and its control over the population’s lives. And while pushing schemes that hurt people who obey the law, go to work every day and are trying to raise families, liberals hurt these same working families by stealing their incomes in the form of higher taxes so they can better serve the non-working welfare classes that repeatedly vote liberal Democrats into office.

But with the advent of President Trump the radical liberals in government and in the leftist press are being taken to school and taught that their lies will no longer stand and a new day is coming for the United States and its mistreated, hard-working citizens.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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