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Trump Check: It Wasn’t Trump’s Fault, But He Could Have Avoided It

The aborted Republican, so-called Obamacare repeal bill, appears dead, and it could have all been avoided if Paul Ryan (hereinafter nicknamed “Ole Binary Paul”) had really tried to kill the Obamacare abortion and allowed the American people to have a truly free choice in their healthcare and not a Republican-designed government bill.

I’m the biggest Trump fan on record, and I don’t blame our President for this monumental failure, but all of this confusion and embarrassment could have been avoided if only he had not blindly trusted Ryan and gone for the first repeal bill to come along, but had really insisted on a non-government-involved bill that erased Obamacare from the Federal record forever, and then allowed Americans to choose their healthcare freely and without encumbrance from Congress. One fears that President Trump may be becoming a bit too political on us, and instead of trying to twist Republican arms to vote for Ryan’s bill, he should have twisted Ryan’s arm to get Republicans to design a true freedom inducing healthcare bill.

The fact that Republicans had formerly produced numerous Obamacare repeal bills, and passed these bills in the House, while Obama was president and while it was a certainty that the bill would be vetoed when it got to Obama’s desk, tells me that Republicans do one thing for public consumption and another thing when the heavy lifting is called for. And I blame Paul Ryan (Ole Binary Paul) for this fiasco. What was the difference between the former repeal bills that passed the House and the current bill that failed in the House?

In my opinion, the bills that didn’t matter called simply for the repeal of Obamacare. But the bill that could have been signed by President Trump and could have gone a long way toward “fixing” healthcare in America, was a big-government creation by establishment Republicans, and would only have modified the problems with Obamacare, and would have resulted in new problems while patching up the old problems.

If one believes in true liberty and freedom of choice, the Republican bill should have repealed Obamacare in its entirety, period, with the sole provision that all Americans who had, under duress, bought Obamacare, would be able to use that plan for up to a year, at which time they would have had time to buy a plan of their own choice, from a carrier of their choosing, at a price they could afford, and after that grace period of one year all Obamacare plans would terminate, totally.

But Ole Binary Paul’s plan had to have big-government provisions, skyrocketing costs and bureaucratic stipulations (many of which were likely left over from the hated ACA bill) that prevented House conservatives from joining the repeal process, and Ryan had to be aware of this problem.

President Trump is still my Knight in shining armor because the things he promised to make happen once he was elected have happened as long as they depended only on his personal orders or actions to make them reality. But I would advise the President that he needs to keep a sharp eye on Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the Republican establishment figures, and doubt them every step of the way the next time an ACA repeal is attempted, and watch them closely as a tax cut bill is proposed. It would appear that our President has no tried and true partners in the Republican-controlled House and Senate, who are serious about saving America from the unconstitutional forces of liberal Democrat, big-government, rule.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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