Live Stream: President Trump and Chancellor Merkel Joint Press Conference 3-17-17 1:20 PM ET

Angela Merkel

U.S. President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel hold a joint press conference after a day of meetings between the two world leaders.

Merkel’s visit is the first to the U.S. in two years and the first time the two leaders have met in-person.

Trump is expected to host a session on vocational training earlier in the day as the United States seeks to re-energize its manufacturing sector and will need more workers trained in industrial skills.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Having watched the Chancellor’s ‘assent to the throne’, I’m inclined believe she is embodied with the cunning sly nature of a fox with the rattle of an asp in her tail….She knows how to “make nice”, still do nothing that will diminish her position of power in the EU.

    Listen to the last 3-4 minutes of her statement in presser where she says is talking about the trade agreements, that they weren’t right as is and seemingly agreed with Trump but slipped in that Germany wasn’t happy either “to receive little benefit from tariffs ….not exact, but give you an idea.

    Although quite some time ago I lived in Frankfrut Am/main for t years and over all, the Germans weren’t particulary fond of Americans.. I suspect little has changed….BUT they do like all of our Military Bases and personnel…..and money spent in their economy, the civilian jobs on military installations for them

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