Trump Was Right About Sweden! Media Got Him Wrong – As Usual..



When President Trump spoke at his rally on Saturday,  he talked about keeping our country safe and referred to what has been happening in Sweden.

I knew what he was talking about since I’ve been following this for months.

I knew he was talking about the crime there from all the new Muslim migrants. Sweden has become known as the rape capital of Europe now from these migrants. They are destroying property and raping  there just like they are doing in France and Germany, but the Trump hating media in their Trump derangement syndrome collective heads including Chelsea Clinton jumped to conclusions and thought he was talking about a terrorist attack and mocked him saying there was no attack. Trump tweeted that he was referring to an interview Tucker Carlson had with a film maker who did a documentary on the Muslim immigration in Sweden and how they were ravaging the country.

It’s too bad he had to explain himself to these brainless idiots in the media. If I knew exactly what he was referring to then they should too, but obviously they don’t. They just respond to the moment and don’t research anything. Then on Monday there were huge fires ,rapes and rioting in the streets going on in Sweden that should have awakened the media up, but they blame Trump instead for making incendiary remarks. Riots in the Stockholm suburb Trump mentioned in speech | Daily Mail Online

Trump said on Saturday that something terrible had happened in Sweden. Many thought he’d invented a terrorist attack, but he said he was talking crime

  He blamed ‘criminal immigrants’ from Muslim countries for most crimes there

  The cop, Peter Springaire, said he was not blaming all immigrants or refugees

 But he said officials were ignoring the issue of incompatible cultures mixing.

 Sweden accepted  650K asylum seekers 15 years, 163K in 2015 alone.

On February 3, Springaire posted a rant against criminal immigrants that began ‘I’m so f**king tired.’

Warning that his words were ‘not politically correct,’ he went on to list the crimes his team had faced that week.

They were five rapes, three counts of assault – including one against police – two drug offenses, multiple threats, extortion and attempted murder. 

Then he offered a list of ‘suspected perpetrators’: ‘Ali Mohamad Mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again… Sweden IS suffering from migrant crime wave says cop | Daily Mail Online

These liberal media people and average citizens think all these immigrants are innocent people just like them who are escaping brutal oppression and all will live happily ever after once they get settled in their new country. Many are finding out too late that all are not like that and many aren’t assimilating, but bringing in their culture with them where they go and we will be next once they get settled in here. Our own CIA says ISIS is already here and preparing to attack us from within. There are many no go zones in this country as in France and Germany now where law enforcement refuses  to go into. Dearborne,  Mich, I understand now has Sharia Law legal there and that is just the beginning. ‘Thousands’ of ISIS fighters now inside U.S. cities

Here are the numbers, though, in case you’re interested: There were at 66.5 cases of reported rapes per 100,000 inhabitants last year, up from 24.9 in 2003. That’s one heck of a jump.

Trump knows what the MSM is doing. They’re banding together in an attempt to discredit everything he says. But once again he, as always, gets the last word:

“Give the public a break – The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!” Donald J. Trump-Feb.20.2017

During the campaign Donald Trump read a poem called “The Snake” about a young girl who finds a snake freezing to death and brings him home. When he is revived he bites her and she says “Why did you do that now I will surely die” to which the snake replies. “You knew I was a snake before you took me in.”This  a perfect allegory to the current migrant crisis and you can see the video here.  THE SNAKE- Narrated By Donald Trump (VIDEO) going Viral Worldwide…Poem Mirro

Sweden’s Migrant Crisis Indicative Of Europe’s Failed Po

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