The Paranoia of the Left!!! The Inmates Are Running the Asylum!!!




Paranoia strikes deep. / Into your heart it will creep / Starts when you’re always afraid /  Step out of line they’ll come and take you away—-Buffalo Springfield “For What it’s worth.”

Ever since Trump became president it was like a huge electrical shockwave went through the collective minds of the left and sent them into a state of paranoia and upheaval that desperately wants to overthrow the government and put their gal Hillary in there who they say rightfully belongs in there since she won the popular vote. Never mind that we go by the electoral college in this country, but I guess they don’t teach that in schools anymore otherwise they would have known that.  Hillary said, she wanted to drop our borders. She also believes in one global economy which is totally delusional. That is George Soros’  goal and he was controlling her too and is also behind these anti-Trump demonstrations.

They see Trump as this great bogeyman and see and imagine all sorts of crazy things about him everywhere that aren’t true. They don’t bother to check facts and just repeat things verbatim that feed into their own paranoia and misinformation about him. Just look at a sample of some of these headlines from leading publications:

 “Melania is a hooker” – Jacob Bernstein –
NY Times

“Trump is about to make America awful again”
Washington Post

“President Trump Has Done Almost Nothing”

“Flynn Is Exactly What Trump Deserves”
NY Times

When Trump first got in the white house a reporter immediately shouted out “racist” (which he clearly is not) and said he removed the bust of Martin Luther King. It ended up an aid was standing in front of it and when he moved there was the bust. Young school kids say he hates blacks (which he clearly doesn’t) and he hates gays (which he clearly doesn’t.)They are trying to attack everyone he appoints to take him down including his family which I think is despicable and truly deplorable. The left are the true deplorables.   Rosey O’Donnell tried to say Barron was autistic which is false. She based her assumptions on the way he walked and the way he held his head down. Well Rosey, it was three a.m.in the morning when those films were taken and he was a 10 year old kid in a suit so he was tired and restless.

A writer for Saturday Night Live said he was a young serial rapist in the making. Another writer said he was a home schooled shooter in the making. This is a 10 year old kid they are saying these things about. Libs attacked Norsdstrom with e-mails and tweets telling them to stop selling Ivanka’s  stuff. So much so that Nordstrom didn’t want to be bothered so they stopped with an excuse that her line wasn’t selling. Trump’s grown son Erich raised 16 million dollars for St. Jude’s children’s and cancer hospital so   the anti-Trump haters put pressure on him to stop saying it is some kind of conflict of interest attack. Don Jr. goes to enroll his son in a kindergarten class and they protest the school. One of my favorite country/western singers Toby Keith , a good patriot, was scheduled to perform at a country music festival and the anti-Trump haters  put pressure on the festival not to let him perform because he performed at the Inauguration. I hope he doesn’t give in.

Comedian Sarah Silverman was walking down the street and she saw markings on the sidewalk by Public Service written in orange that shows they will be working on wires underneath there. The markings look like modified swastikas so Sarah goes to her facebook site and twitter account saying that right wingers and Trump supporters  are putting swastikas on the sidewalk. She was immediately bombarded with attacks by city officials and Trump supporters saying those are public Service markings. Yes Sarah like the song says “Paranoia strikes deep. Into your heart it will creep” and so it is with you and the left Sarah!!

A writer for The Daily Mail website wrote that Melania used to be an escort and that she was suffering from depression being first lady and didn’t want to be there. Melania sued him and the website for  over a 100 million dollars. The writer had to pay a huge sum and write an apology to her which he did saying he had nothing to prove it and it was just hearsay and he apologized to her and the Trump family.

Carl Bernstein’s son who writes for the New York Times called Melania a former hooker. He was reprimanded by the newspaper and admitted he just heard it at a party once. Where are all the feminists and children’s rights supporters with the attacks on the Trump women and kids. Oh  that’s right feminists aren’t for all women just liberal women.

College liberals and young people all over the country are rioting in the streets, overturning cars, setting fires in the streets and breaking store and college windows attacking anyone who dares disagree with them all in the name of peace and love. And they have the nerve to call conservatives nazis?  Never mind that naziism was NATIONAL SOCIALISM and NOT right wing, which is a movement in the U.S. for LIMITED government and freedom, not socialism which is naziism and communism. Naziism and communism are LEFTIST movements, NOT right wing.

They’re all nuts and gone crazy like some disease has taken them over. In fact it has, liberalism is a mental disorder and it has metastasized.

The latest episode with General Flynn is another example that I think is being blown out of proportion. They are blaming Trump for being too cozy with Russia when Democrats have been soft on Russia since the FDR days..General Flynn’s talk with a Russian ambassador is unknown at this time and it is obvious that Flynn is NOT a traitor or Russian agent, & the Democrat Party are trying to claim that Russia helped win the election for Trump, which is 100% total BS.  Meanwhile, it is ok that Hillary help sell uranium to Russia for 20 million dollars in laundered money  through  her foundation which mostly went to her pockets, blamed Benghazi on a Christian video, helped create ISIS by sending arms to Syria, helped the vicious Arafat and the PLO, etc, but NO complaints by the left.

The following are comments from  Newsmax

Gen. Michael Flynn was the victim of leaks by intelligence workers left over from Obama administration — and their ranks must be weeded out before they undercut President Donald Trump’s leadership, Pete Hoekstra, former chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, tells Newsmax TV.

Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly both think the country s on the verge of a civil war. If anything does burst out the left better beware. This country far out numbers them in firearms and the willingness to protect families, loved ones and the freedoms we cherish in the constitution and Bill of Rights without provocation. Yes the left is in full fledged paranoia mold now and the inmates have taken over the asylum. The left better beware. They have no idea what kind of fire they are playing with.


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Jim Clayton

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