President Trump and Maverick McCain Are On a Collision Course

The town of Washington DC isn’t big enough for both President Donald Trump and Senator John McCain.

The acrimonious relationship between the two may be ready to reach the boiling point following a Wall Street Journal story that the six-term Arizonan paid a secret visit to Syria last weekend.

It was a junket that is another poke in the eye for Trump as his administration has yet to formalize an official policy in the war-torn country where McCain has long sided with so-called moderate rebels that include Islamic fanatics in a bid to topple Syrian leader Bashir al-Assad.

McCain’s trip comes on the heels of his heavily publicized speech to an adoring audience of globalists at the Munich Security Conference. Senator McCain thoroughly trashed the unspoken rule that politics stops at the water’s edge by repeatedly lashing into Trump, including telling the foreigners that the new president’s administration was in disarray.

It’s hard to see how McCain going rogue in such a manner is in the best interests of the country but the dyspeptic old crank had a score to settle.

It was only a week before McCain stuck a dagger into Trump’s back in Germany that the POTUS took to his weaponized Twitter feed to rip McCain over comments made about the tragic failed raid on a Yemen terrorist stronghold – a raid in which the targets may have been tipped off that the good guys were coming and which resulted in the tragic death of a heroic Navy SEAL.

McCain has never gotten over comments by then candidate Trump that seemed to call into question his “war hero” mythology for time spent in the miserable hell of the Hanoi Hilton after his fighter jet was shot down over Vietnam.

That was supposed to be the end of Trump and marked the first sustained media firebombing of a man who had a skin as thick as that of Godzilla and only seemed to absorb attacks before frying his critics with a burst of nuclear fire breath. Trump survived the early firestorm and the rest is history.

Along with the bulk of the Republican establishment, a vast array of neocons and the failed #NeverTrump movement, John McCain did everything that he could in order to prevent The Donald from clinching the nomination and then failing to be a good team player by wholeheartedly supporting him in the existential struggle against Hillary Clinton.

McCain not only held a grudge but by all visible signs stepped up his war on Trump after the election was over.

By continuing to rail against any efforts by the Trump administration to ratchet down tensions with the Russians by embarking on his trips to Syria, Ukraine and a number of Baltic states it is looking as if McCain and allies like Senator Lindsey Graham are running their own foreign policy if not a part of a shadow government.

It’s also important to note that it was McCain himself who passed on that discredited and dirty 35-page “PeeGate” dossier to FBI Director James Comey with questionable intent.

McCain then doubled-down after his address in Munich by making what seemed to be his ten-thousandth appearance on the Sunday morning bloviation circuit where he chatted with the insipid Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press and played the now well-worn Hitler card against his own president by inferring that he was a dictator.

Despite the latest eruption of biased commentary and fake news, Trump never once threatened to close down the press nor revoke the free speech rights of the media. He just told them that they were full of crap which was pretty mild considering the months running campaign of innuendo, hit pieces, dirty smears and attacks on his family that the POTUS has endured at the hands of the presstitutes who are able to lie with impunity.

It’s also well past time that Trump called out Senator McCain as being full of crap as well. For too long McCain has been given an undeserved free pass by the political class and the media despite his being one of the most treacherous, double-dealing and manipulative snakes who has ever slithered through the halls of Congress.

Kentucky Senator and former GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul scorched McCain this Sunday on ABC’s This Week when he stood up for his president like a loyal American:

Paul is spot on – we all should consider ourselves damned lucky that McCain was never elected president who may well have incinerated half the planet in a nuclear apocalypse out of a fit of pique.

Trump should use the bully pulpit to elaborate on Paul’s comments and call McCain’s bluff before the old warmonger is able to lobby enough of his fellow senators to get behind a palace coup.

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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  1. This neocon warmonger needs his ass kicked in as he has overplayed his hand and has become a liability period.

    1. JAN,

      Than you so much for your kind comments and feedback. I am new to CDN but have definitely been around the block a few times.

      I appreciate the information on McCain and would love to research some of the seedier aspects of his climb. As far as I know there has never been a serious biography written on him despite his 30 + year tenure in the Senate. There was that Sydney Schanberg piece a few years back on McCain”s covering up POW-MIA’s left in Vietnam but for understandable reasons it really never got published outside of the American Conservative.

      Something is very strange here as this guy has a disproportionate amount of power and has for years. Note that CNN has given him and the Palmetto State Princess Lindsey Graham their very own town hall next week.

      He is a key player in the Deep State infrastructure and what he is doing to Trump is in my opinion nothing short of treasonous.

      Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment.

      1. Donn, sorry to take so long… ‘name of Cindy McCains Father’….or Jim Hensley……

        Might find out why Mac is never challenged

  2. Really enjoyed this article, Donn. Should this pot boil over is there any doubt who will be left after the mop up? John and his pocket buddy Lindsey need to go back to Lindsey’s bar, cry in their beer while commiserating their failed attempts to sit where President Trump does.

    Having lived in Phoenix in the 70’s I am all too familiar with Jim Hensley (Cindy’s father)who owned the largest Anhesuer-Bush distributorship in the Country with help of the Kemper-Lansky syndicate. “Mafia” activity was hot and heavy at that time. McCain’s foray into politics was financed by their various ‘interests’. Jim made certain that he met the right people….McCain was also directly involved with Keating and the Savings and Loan scandal. McCain was their ‘influence’ peddler. There is a ton of information to verify this when you look up either John or father-in-law…none is flattering.

    I would not ever diminish the Honor of his service, but his American Hero card exceeded its limit years ago. I spoke recently to a friend in Arizona (I’m in Texas) and sounds like he might have a challenge in next election…..and I plan to support the challenger anyway I can….even if it’s a cactus!

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