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Lady Gaga Should be Nominated for Entertainer of the Year – for entertaining…

Hollywood types have overwhelmed Americans with their political rants, but Lady Gaga resisted the trend and delivered an awe-inspiring performance during Sunday’s Superbowl halftime performance.

I’d love to have included a video of her performance, but the NFL won’t let even that be broadcast – “profit-hungry” sounds appropriate.

There was no political speech, no plea for whatever social justice warrior,  politically-correct message that might be popular with unthinking Americans – Gaga just put on an amazing show.

The drone lightworks, pure performance and full perfection of the scene are things her fans will appreciate – it is also those things that will pull in a few million people that were unaware of who Gaga is.

Ashley Judd, Madonna, Amy Schumer, Alec Baldwin, Melissa MCcarthy and others… take note. Americans prefer that you spend more time working on your craft, perfecting your performances, making it worth it for us to spend our money on your releases and less time demanding that we agree with your ill-conceived politics.

Get it right or become irrelevant. Hollywood is making the worst movies ever as singers and actors spend more time preaching and less time performing.

If you want to matter.. make better movies or drop in from the roof at a Super Bowl halftime show and sing your @ss off.

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Rich Mitchell

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