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EPA Warned that Trump to Sign Executive Orders Affecting the Agency

Trump’s campaign promises are about to hit the Environmental Protection Agency by way of executive orders undoing eight years of unelected bureaucratic B.S.

Staff at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have been told that President Donald Trump is preparing a handful of executive orders to reshape the agency, to be signed once a new administrator is confirmed, two sources who attended the meeting told Reuters on Wednesday.

Reports say that up to five executive orders could be signed in the coming days that would reverse former President Obama’s unconstitutional orders on carbon dioxide, coal mining, fossil fuels, and electricity generation.

The orders will likely lower the cost of power generation, industrial production and resource production which should generate employment in industries crushed by Obama’s ideological policies.

The President is not expected to sign the EO’s until his pick for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is confirmed.

The delay is likely to allow Pruitt to clean out the Obama loyalists from a heavily politicized agency before attempting to adopt Trump’s policies.

Stories have surfaced of EPA employees trying to hide databases, papers and research from the Trump administration possibly in fear that honest scrutiny could reveal untruthful research, forged statistics, and a heavily-politicized agency.

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  1. Too bad we have yet another president who isn’t fit for the job. Sixteen plus years now of poor governance from the Oval Office. Trump and Pruitt have a superficial understanding of the EPA. By cutting the Agency’s budget and laying off staff, product registration times will suffer. Not that Trump or the author of this article would understand any of that. Policy drafted by ignorant people usually leads to predictable results.

    Effective revamping and elimination of governmental regulations needs to be done by intelligent people with relevant knowledge, not some loud-mouthed yankee clown from NYC. I have no confidence that the Trump administration is capable of tackling the EPA without making a total mess. Trump has already proven that he does not understand basic things about governance and has little to no understanding of existing federal government agencies. For a guy who uses the internet so frequently, you’d think he’d avail himself of the information there to learn a few things. His lack of knowledge is downright embarrassing.

    Senseless partisanship is something that weakens our democracy, and it is a monster maintained through idiocy and a lack of value for the truth. FIFRA was signed into law more than 100 years ago. Almost all of the major environmental laws in the U.S. were passed in the 1970s. Coal competes with natural gas and other sources of energy in a global marketplace. American crude oil and natural gas can be sold and shipped almost anywhere in the world.

    Peak oil isn’t a conspiracy theory. The countries that will do the best won’t be the ones with citizens holding empty gas cans and asking, “What happened?” Nothing lasts forever, especially when there is only so much of it, and it is being used at a startling rate. The more that is used, the less that remains. Strange plan for independence and stability.

    I would have some respect for Pruitt if he lived near a petrochemical factory and drank coffee made with groundwater tainted by fracking fluids.

  2. I’ve read and re-read Stan’s remarks a couple of times now and…..I’m still trying to grasp where he’s coming from….Did someone die and make him “THE” authority in fitness and ignorance, also what experience does he himself have that leads him to think he’s an environmental expert or qualified to define for us all the required traits of our elected President ?

    Is Stan suggesting that the EPA doesn’t have surplus in personnel or regulations and any reduction would collapse if extra was removed? Is it just fine to prohibit ranchers permission to find or develop basins to catch water and feed their stock?

    Currently, U.S. ‘law’ requires us to ‘buy’ oil from other countries, not sell. I’m curious as to ‘why’ it wouldn’t be wise to fully stock our reserves and locate replacement sources….just in case…one of those ‘other’ countries decides to stop supplying us. Economic resources say we IMPORT from Mexico in the neighborhood of $11 BILLION worth annually….and sold (on credit) most of their drilling equipment (Mexico’s government owns all of theirs)

    All of the fossil fuels have safe guards in place and the harvesting of them while providing employment to tax paying employees and keep them off of social services.

    IF, IF petrochemical plant is contaminating ground water they are in violation of laws…..Fracking is NOT done in a plant or as he calls it, a factory. It is used at well sites and made from the same type of gum as ice cream. There have been dozenS of test and court cases and NONE CONCLUDED FRACKING CAUSED CONTAMINATION…..

    Speaking of Pruitt….he was attorney general in Oklahoma City and Lives in the heart of oil country, along with millions of others and is yet to drink anything made and tainted from fracking fluid.

    Perhaps Stan could follow some of the advise he had for President Trump and the internet for discovery of facts to lessen his anxieties….at least it helps keep me updated and i worked in the industry for a number of years

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