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Democrats Rolled Again: Jeff Sessions Finally Confirmed as Attorney General

The hostage situation involving President Trump’s Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions is now mercifully over and for the second time in two days the bad guys lost.

After thoroughly discrediting themselves as a legitimate political party with endless silly diatribes, race-baiting dog and pony shows and sanctimonious huffing and puffing, the pitiful and impotent Dems could do nothing as Senator Sessions was confirmed by a 52-47 vote on Wednesday evening.

The Washington Post reports “Senate confirms Jeff Sessions as attorney general”:

The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Jeff Sessions as the next attorney general, following a bitter debate in the chamber that saw Republicans formally rebuke Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for the manner in which she criticized her colleague from Alabama.

Sessions, a four-term U.S. senator, was the first senator to endorse Trump in February 2016, and his conservative, populist views have shaped many of the administration’s early policies, including on immigration.

The vote, 52-47 in favor of confirmation, ran largely down party lines. Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) was the only Democrat who supported him. Sessions voted present.

Republicans accused Democrats of seeking to undercut Trump by attempting to derail his cabinet choices. “It’s no secret that our Democrat colleagues don’t like the new president and are doing what they can to undermine the new administration,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the Judiciary Committee chairman.

He expressed disappointment in colleagues who, he said, suggested Sessions won’t be able to put aside his policy preferences and enforce the law. “This is especially troubling after he specifically committed to us during his confirmation hearing that, if he’s confirmed, he will follow the law, regardless of whether he supported the statute as a policy matter,” Grassley said.

The hearings were a grueling exercise in raw partisan animosity for the unhinged Dems who repeatedly attempted to hang a burning tire of racism around Sessions’ neck.

It once seemed as though Corey Booker’s ridiculous and unprecedented “testimony” against Sessions – which cynically served as the launching pad for his 2020 presidential campaign – was the low point of the hearings. But that was before shrieking moonbat Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren’s hideously shameless reading of a letter by the Reverend Martin Luther King’s widow on the floor in order to rile up the rabble.

While Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appropriately cut Warren’s grandstanding short, the media and liberal groups have managed to spin the whole thing into another crusade against the phantom misogyny that they claim exists within the Republican party.

Playing the sexual identity card seems to be a key component of the liberal playbook in view of the so-called “women’s” marches sponsored by George Soros connected organizations that took place after Trump was sworn in. But none of the “I am woman hear me roar” horseshit helped Hillary at the ballot box despite her main selling point of shattering the highest glass ceiling in the nation and outside of giving Warren more face time it won’t likely boost the hopes of Dems now or in the future. Not that the losing losers who lose are open to any sort of honest analysis into why they got their clocks cleaned but that’s why they are Democrats and that’s why they are slowly and agonizingly crawling towards the ash heap of history.

Adding to the psychodrama of the biggest shitshow on Capitol Hill today, a number of members of the House’s Congressional Black Caucus invaded the Senate to shame members over their support of Sessions because he is a racist.

Maybe it’s just me but it would seem that the CBC’s calling anyone “racist” is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black considering their very name which excludes everyone who doesn’t share their skin color. But hypocrisy is the coin of the realm when it comes to the Democratic party and their coffers are overflowing.

After two ridiculous all night bitch sessions, Chuck Schumer can go home and cry into his pillow now that his master plan to stick it to Trump by sinking Sessions and Betsy DeVos went up in flames like the proverbial bag of dog excrement.

Jeff Sessions is now finally the Attorney General of the United States having survived the despicable and shameful pillorying by the sore loser Democrats.

Now he can finally get about cleaning up the toxic mess left by Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder at the Justice Department and perhaps he will even get around to launching an investigation into the Clinton criminal empire.

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