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Trump’s Inaugural Speech Was Not About Him, It Was About Liberty And About America’s Future

One thing I listened closely for in Donald Trump’s inaugural speech was the words “I” and “me”, and I believe that there were two times that the word “I” was used and zero times the word “me” was used. This lack of a personal pronoun referring to himself is significant because we’ve gotten used to hearing Obama refer to himself dozens of times in every speech he gives. Obama loves to regale us with how smart he is, and how hard he’s worked for Americans, and how much influence he has with world leaders and how much they all love him, and how he’s created so many millions of good-paying jobs in his tenure as president, and how he’s stalled Iran in their attempt to develop a nuclear weapon, and how he’s cut the cost of healthcare for all Americans and assured health protection for twenty million Americans who formerly did not have health insurance, all of which are lies, but that never stopped Obama from claiming credit for them anyway.

But Donald Trump’s inaugural speech specifically used words like “we” and “the American people” when referring to his policies, which is exactly what we want to hear after eight years of Obama designing more government programs to serve his agenda and to make government bigger, and to make the American citizens more dependent on establishment bureaucrats.

Trump was also clear that he believes government is too large and too self-serving and must be made smaller, thereby granting American citizens more liberty to live their lives. The speech was perfect in content and length, and I’m personally excited about the future of America with our new leader.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. What’s that strange smell??? Why it’s FRESH AIR…..open all the windows and let it fill the rooms with the scent of a ‘winning’ change and hope!!!!
    Take heed…all of those ‘we’ and ‘our’ mean President Trump needs us all to dust ourselves off and get on the playing field….This ain’t no one man game…

    Ahhh we can breath again

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