Trump-Hate Is Putting Democrats In A Disastrous Political Position Going Forward

In his book “The Unheavenly City” Edward Banfield concluded that the reason criminals commit crimes, and all too often, continue to commit crimes repeatedly, is that those individuals are unable to foresee the punishment that awaits them following the commission of the crime; they are unable help themselves and apply critical thinking when tempted, they just go with the flow.

Democrats currently holding office in Washington are in the same position as Banfield’s common criminals because, in their hate and confusion, they are attacking Donald Trump and his unprecedented actions and initiatives to protect Americans, and, as Banfield stated, Democrats are unable to see the blame and contempt that will fall on them from every corner of our nation when the next terrorist attack takes American lives. And the blame will rest with Democrats for obstructing the Trump moves, which were voted for by a majority of Americans in the last presidential election, and which are needed to protect our nation from the filth residing beyond our borders.

Why can’t the fool Democrats, and the clownish Senate leader, Chuck Schumer, not recognize that the American people voted for Trump in reaction to eight years of Obama, during which nothing was done to protect America from terrorist attacks, and we’re fed up with it and demand change.

But here come the leftist Democrats opposing Trump for doing things that the American people want accomplished and voted in favor of, and in their self-righteousness Democrats are working in contradiction to the will of the American people.

The formerly politically astute Democrat Party was just skinned alive by the upstart Donald Trump because the American people approved his message and disapproved the same old crap (high taxes, unconstitutional healthcare grab, open borders, dangerous agreement with Iran, insults to England, abuse of Israel, ignoring red lines in the sand, begging Putin for more cooperation) from Hillary and Obama. But along comes the totally confused and clueless Democrats directly opposing the will of the American people.

The deluge of blame and criticism that will rain down on Democrats following the next attack on America will bury these fools forever, but they are too stupid to see what’s coming their way, just as they could not see the political threat of Donald Trump until it was way too late. And the liberal, mainstream press and its never-ending attack on Donald Trump and their fake, lying “news”, will suffer right along with the Democrats.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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