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The Lie Of Global Warming Gets More Convoluted All The Time

California has a record-breaking drought, of course caused by global warming, and then suddenly the situation reverses and California is having record-setting rains and flooding, once again attributed to global warming. Leftist Democrats want you to forget that California has always had severely alternating drought and rain, usually on a seasonal basis, with the most recent drought lasting much longer than its seasonally allotted duration. But the interesting thing is that global warming was to blame for the drought, and now is blamed for the rain. As the old joke’s punch line goes: “How do it know”?

One might well pose that same question to America’s leftists and elitists: How does the god of global warming know, at any given time, whether to cause drought or rain, and never anything in between; good weather is never blamed on global warming. To warming fans it’s either feast or famine.

Too many Americans bought the global warming lie of the last 20 years and didn’t realize that there were anti-warming positions to be taken, because our leftist government had spoken and the poorly read and occasionally thoughtless population of America bought the lie and failed to question it further. But with the presidency of Donald Trump, and the way he’s rewriting how government functions and what government does (or does not do) people are beginning to realize that they’ve been lied to and taken for a ride by the warmers, and national opinion is changing because the disasters predicted by Ted Danson and Al Gore and the international calamities promised by Paul Ehrlich have not come to fruition, and people realize they’ve been lied to by their former leftist rulers.

We’ll see how this experiment in fooling all the people all the time that leftists have been trying to do for years, pays out with the plain-speaking Donald Trump ripping traditional liberal thinking and acting to shred and replace the lies and unconstitutional behavior of the Obama administration with sensible thought and behavior. And it’s fun watching the Democrats riot and curse and pull their hair out because the once firm status of Obama’s lying, liberal government is being dismantled and the truth and the constitution are once again being followed by an American administration.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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