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OMG! They want to keep out all the Muslims?

Well not so much! Yes, the President did launch against Muslims… in 1980. That was President Jimmy Carter. Carter’s Attorney General at the time ordered all Iranian students holding a Visa to report to immigration officials or face immediate deportation. A federal judge ruled it unconstitutional (sound familiar?) BUT, it was then reversed by a higher court in September of 1980. There were over 60,000 students registered. Of that, 430 were deported because of visa issues and concerns. Another 5000 left voluntarily.

Carter also ordered the invalidation of visas issued to Iranian citizens for future entry into the U.S. He stated that we would not reissue visas nor would we issue new visas except for compelling and proven humanitarian aid reasons or where our national interest is at hand and the directive is to be strictly interpreted! (Can someone show me the links to the Democrat Liberal outcry?)

So, let’s just say that Carter’s was OK because it was temporary. So is Trump’s. It’s also been said that Carter’s was different because it didn’t call out a single religion and was dealing with a current crisis. Ah, really? Trump’s is also dealing with a current crisis and the “news” media is lying to us when they say it’s against a religion. It’s not! It’s against nations who harbor terrorism and have ties to ISIS who happen to have a heavy Muslim population.

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Joe Messina

Joe is a no-nonsense, conservative realist. He is not interested in “what if?” or “we could have!” He is interested in hearing both sides and has no problem taking on taboo issues with real questions looking for real answers. Racism, religion, and politics are all open season for topics, and he’s happy to offer up his opinion in the process! Joe is an engaging speaker mixing a healthy dose of sarcasm with the cold, hard facts, interacting with the audience, taking questions, and often playing “devil’s advocate”… just to make you to think! Actively engaged in community, church, and politics for well over a decade, Joe enjoys the reputation of being a man of integrity and ethics. He has had several successful businesses and held several executive positions with various Fortune 1000 companies. He is often sought after to teach classes his “black and white breakdown” of business ethics. If you like to “stir the pot” a little and you don’t want to hear any more political correctness, Joe is your guy! Just name a topic… politics, religion, racism, or most any current event. Joe can be heard daily across the airwaves and over the internet on several stations.

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  1. President Trump is our ‘little Dutch boy’, sticking his finger in the dike to keep us from drowning. If we can reach higher ground where ‘logic’ prevails, we just might be on the road to recovery. An interesting FYI is that the first ban on people of another nation was in 1872 under Pres. Chester Arthur on Chinese. That ban lasted almost 80 years.

    These protest defy my reasoning totally. I mean I lock my doors to secure my home and fenced the yard to keep UNwanted critters out….how is this any different? Is not America my HOMEland?

    Thanks, Joe for a dose of reality….

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